True Love is Not About How Much money You’re getting from your Partner.

When you hear True love we are Talking about How much your partner values you and The Sacrifices.
Stop Mistaken “True Lost for true love” because the difference between the two words are not comparable, someone can be Giving you money and still don’t love you the way you think and he might be doing all these things just to be having s with you just like a free ticket to your v.

With my own idea and knowledge am going to give you small explanation of what I mean By value and sacrifices.

VALUE – Value is a degree of importance given to something. When we are Talking about Value we are Talking about the level of importance given to someone or something and that’s indirectly another name for true love, the question you need to ask your self before jumping in to conclusion that your partner values so much just because he or she is given you money money for up keep, my dear there is very big difference between a partner who gives you money and and partner who values you and still give you the little one he can afford. Money is not really love.

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SACRIFICE – Sacrifice means To trade (a value of higher worth) for something of lesser worth in order to gain something else valued more and that’s another way of showing your value for something or someone that’s exactly what we mean you hear true love, Stop Assuming and Start asking questions.

True Love simply means Value and Sacrifices in other to keep what you value more.

I hope this impact your love life a bit
Drop your question if you have any.
Thank you


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