Ladies see why you should marry a man that loves you

Marriage is expect unexpected. Marriage is the complete acceptance of someone else while helping them to become better. If you can’t accept her totally and help her become a better woman, please don’t marry her. Marriage is not by force.

Don’t marry her if you don’t love her, you must love your wife in marriage, I mean you must.
Don’t marry her if you hate her looks.
Don’t marry her if she hates you or finds you disgusting.
Don’t marry her if she does not believe in your vision and future.
Don’t marry her if she is proud, rude, pompous, un-teachable, abusive, saucy, sassy, arrogant, snobbish and high minded.

Bottom line, marry someone who you completely agree with and agrees with you.
Before you marry, make sure it is someone that you want to marry and not who your pastor or parents wants you to marry or else, you will keep blaming your pastor or parents when marital challenges come your way.

Own your marital decision. Stop putting the responsibility of who your life partner will be on someone that will not be there to shoulder the journey of your marriage.
Remember you’re going to spent more than 50 years with the person, so don’t joke with it, marriage is very important, making good choice and good decision very important, don’t allow anyone to decides for you, when come to marriage have to make your decision.
Your decision today determines your happiness and your kids happiness don’t mess with it, is your pastor, parents, friends etc that persuading you to marry that person going to live with you, at end of the day, only you will face the consequences whether good or bad, best thing one should do choosing their partner, this life so complicated, human beings totally complicated, marriage is complicated, since everything about life is complicated, choose your spouse by yourself, face it and work on your union and make it work.

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There’s only one thing that makes marriage to last forever – DECISION – what do mean by decision, let me explain little bit, in a marriage – love and feeling will surely diminished when things getting complicated, when your expectations collapsing, when your partner showing unnecessary attitudes never expected from them, when your partner hurts you or when your partner betrays you or cheated on you.

Those love and feelings will start going down, what will make the marriage to continue being strong and lasting is that decision you have taken ( I have decided to spend rest of my life with this man or woman non matter what happens, divorce never an option ) if you going into relationship without make such decision you may not last in your marriage.

Many married people today are still together because of that decision and commitment they have taken. Imagine if someone persuade you or choose your spouse for you, can’t cope with some things you need to endure in your relationship, you’ll easily fed up with something.
Make that decision today, choose who you love, choose who loves you too, choose who you believe you can endure with their imperfections, choose who you know that can endure with your imperfections, choose who understands you, someone who care and values your happiness, someone who knows right things to do at right time. Someone who understands what takes to make relationship stronger and stronger.

Please value your happiness, value your life, value your unborn kids happiness, value your future, value yourself, decides who you want in life, don’t allow anyone decided for you when come to marriage.

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Reasons why you should marry a man that loves you
Being with a man that loves you is a blessing but good for you to love him back, there are advantages of getting married to a man who truly loves you.

When you married a man that truly loves you, he won’t cheat on you, he won’t treat you badly, he won’t abandon you during challenges moments, he won’t frustrate your life, he won’t play with your feelings, a man that truly loves you – he will never take your love for granted, he will never take advantage of you, he will respect your decisions, he will respect you, he will adore you, he will do anything possible to see you happy and strong. He will surely take care of you and your kids. He will never divorced you, he will sacrifice anything to see your relationship work and keep being strong and awesome.
When you married a man that truly love you, the ways he treats totally different, he will make you feel special everyday, he will make life easier and sweet for you. A man who’s in love will care for you deeply, you’ll always be his number one priority. A man that loves you will not do what will make you cry.

Dear married men, do you know its wrong to bath alone, while your wife waits for you to finish so she enter and bath too?
Yes – Its very wrong.
Husband and wife were meant to bath together, so the other can scrub the other’s back.
That is why it is wrong for married couples to live in a house with general toilets and bathroom.
Couples needed privacy, they need to stay in a self contained apartment.
What is self contained apartment?
It is a house that has toilets and bathroom inside the house.
It is a house that only you, your wife, and children make use of the available toilets and bathrooms.
When you bath together as couples, there is a spiritual bond that binds you two together.
Your souls are intertwined with each other, that will be difficult for people to break.

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I have a story to tell you about marriage, listen – my late dad could never bath alone, unless my mum was not around.
He could never eat alone unless my mum was not around.
My dad and mum were inseparable.
During their early stages in marriage, my dad’s family tried to destroy their matrimonial home.
They will come up with lies upon lies, trying to make my dad leave my mum.
But my dad stood his ground, and said NO to Satan.

That is why it is very important for a woman to marry a man she knows truly loves her.
It is very important to marry a man that you know can never stay without you.
Marry a man you know can never do anything without you.

A man who understands you, a man who care about you and your feelings, a man who knows don’t deserve to be treated badly. A man who knows you’re imperfect and knows how to cope with your imperfections. A man who can’t eat alone, or bath alone.

God must bless you with a man that can never do without you. Amen


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