How to Know That Your Boyfriend or Partner Is Just Deceiving You

1.Their social media posts contradict what they’re telling you

If your partner told you that they were going to be one place, but show up on Instagram somewhere else, their plans could have changed — or they weren’t honest about their plans in the first place.

2.They say they never lie

“if someone say they don’t lie, they are lying ,” John Elvis , a behavioral analysis interrogator with 32 years of experience in law enforcement, previously told INSIDER.

Everyone tells little white lies from time to time, and sometimes these little lies are ok, but Sussman distinguishes between small fibs and outright dishonesty. If getting caught in a lie wouldn’t have serious consequences, it’s usually okay to stretch the truth.

3.They say “I didn’t do it”

The words that your partner uses can signal whether or not they’re telling the truth. If you suspect them of doing something and they say “I didn’t do it,” there’s a chance that they could be lying.
A truthful person is more likely to say ‘I did not do it,’ versus a person that’s lying will shorten the syntax and say ‘I didn’t do it.

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4.They accuse you of lying

Accusing you of lying or cheating could be your partner’s way of trying to justify their own lies, and pinning the blame on you.

“When your partner has the capacity to do something like cheat, lie, or steal they will assume you might be doing the same,”

5.They are irritated by excess attention and care.

We often lack displays of love and attention from our beloved, and people usually enjoy their demonstration.Yet if you dote on your partner and they get irritated or dissatisfied, it’s better to stop and look for the reason.

6.They change the subject during a serious conversation.

It’s not the best time to have a serious conversation right after work or before going to bed. Yet if your partner flatly refuses to talk about crucial topics even in a good moment, maybe they’re just trying to avoid such conversations. It may be a sign that you should worry about the future of your relationship.


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