Signs how to know someone you love so much planning of cheating on you

Signs how to know someone you love so much planning of cheating on you.

Feelings are so painful if you don’t love that person. Stop playing with his / her feelings. Be open and say you don’t love her / him.
Men are naturally wired with cheating trait. Even if they want to remain faithful to their woman, there are chicks out there who are ready to go all out and bring them down to their levels.

Coming across a faithful guy is rare but if you find one, you need to treasure him like gold. But whichever way it goes, there are certain ways through which you can burst a cheating boyfriend.

This days you don’t have to sneak on him wherever he is, neither do you have to be trailing him around like a lost dog. With his attitude on phone, if you are smart enough, you will discover what you cannot ordinarily see when you trail him up and down.

1. When your husband makes a secret call and when you walk into his conversation, he starts blabbing or pretending to have a network failure, he is not sincere and you need to be ready for a black day with him and his unknown girlfriend.

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2. When your man starts avoiding some calls in your presence, there is trouble ahead. If he has a phone call and he keeps telling you he doesn’t want to pick it or giving excuses, he is not being straight forward with you.

3. When you notice that his Whatsapp thread is always cleared off and you can hardly see a recent message on his phone, something is definitely wrong. Don’t be too relax with such a situation.

4. If he hardly respond to your call whenever you call him and doesn’t call you back on time, you have to start smelling a rat. No matter how busy he may be, he will still have time to pick up your call and ask you to either call back or he does so.

5. If your guy starts passwording his phone and refused to share his password with you, he has some secrete things he is hiding in the phone. Hardly will a man password his phone if he does not play an away game. Most men don’t have the time to cram their password. Hence, they preferr leaving their phones naked. When you notice this habit, sense a danger.

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6. Hidden Secrets: There is nothing called relationship if it is not by knowing each other personal life deeply. But when girls are starting hidden secrets for you continuously. This is also another sign if fake relationship and you have to avoid it before it affect you.

7. Snubbing is also one of the factor that lead to fake relationship. He or she will pretend to show love to you physically but is not mean it intentionally. When there is distance between each other, they will start Snubbing and never show you love again.

8. Can’t had a conversation. Communication is an important tools in every healthy relationship, in a relationship, you do not just talk because you have something to say, there is always a purpose for communication.
A successful relationship is a union of good talkers and listeners. So once you notice he finds it difficult to talk to you, he just wants a date.

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9. You don’t feel loved in the relationship. Everyone has something to say about love, but the outcome of relationship proves that most people don’t know what love is all about.
What many call love is lust, selfishness or greed. When you notice that he doesn’t makes you feel loved, something is wrong.

10. He doesn’t commit to the relationship. To be committed means to be dedicated or devoted to something. And this is needed to make a relationship work. So once you notice that he doesn’t commit to the relationship, my sister something already going wrong, fight for your marriage before things spoiled.


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