If realize any of the following things in your man, just leave him and run away immediately

If realize any of the following things in your man, just leave him and run away immediately

This article for singles and unmarried, please if you married reading this post, don’t apply some things in your relationship, these article mostly for singles and unmarried.

An healthy and successful relationships or marriage is key in a human being’s life. However, despite its importance in the society, it is not legal for underage members of the society. It is only allowed among mature members of the society. Men tend to gain interest and feelings for members of the opposite gender hence the need to find a companion and a helper to spend the rest of their lives with.

This drives them into engaging in relationships, with particular ladies they fall in love with, with the hope that they will get to marry them.
However, the couple’s stay together is coupled with several ups and downs. It is at this time that both the husband and wife get to know the true colors of the other. Cases of unfaithfulness, lack of trust, lack of respect among other milestones set in.

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As a lady, the moment you realize any of the following things in your man, just leave him and run away from him immediately.

1. They’re manipulative and controlling. A manipulative person can be difficult to detect. They may be outright selfish and coercive, or they’ll use subtle methods like gaslighting to make you doubt yourself. For toxic people, or someone who is insecure in themselves, it’s all about taking control over you.

2. When you realize that despite having married, he still dates so many other women out there carelessly. By doing this he is putting your life and that of your kids in danger.

3. They always have to be right. There’s no use arguing with a toxic person they’re always going to be right (even when they’re not). They’ll blame other people and tell lies before admitting to being wrong and they’ll never apologize. And while they’ll never own up to their mistakes, they’re more than happy to berate and broadcast yours.

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4. When you realize that he is always trying his best to run away from the family responsibilities as the man of the family.

5. For some, they will now start disrespecting you and even swearing to send you back to your parents one day.

6. They’re all take and no give. A toxic relationship is never equal, and you’ll find yourself giving away large amounts of your time, attention, and material possessions, with nothing in return.

7. A partner who criticizes you condescendingly but doesn’t accept your criticism. Honesty in relationships is very important, constructive critics can be rather useful. But a toxic friend doesn’t spare your feelings when saying that you need to do something. Their goal is not to tell you the truth but to humiliate you.

8. Sometimes, when you notice that he is always wasting more money on drinking and entertainment but doing nothing to build his life.

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9. When you also realize that he is always avoiding communications with family members by going direct to sleep when he comes back home.

10. Someone who has don’t care attitude, no feelings, someone who doesn’t have remorse over anything, they find hard to apologize or even forgive you.


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