Ladies don’t hide these 7 things for your man if you don’t want break up

Ladies don’t hide these 7 things for your man if you don’t want break up.

Is good knowing your man totally mature and responsible – so don’t hide some information for him, if your partner find out may cause you the relationship, sometimes good to speak up.

The principle of communication and honesty in dating relationships ensure that there are some few unforgivable things you should never keep from your boyfriend.
To be happy in your dating relationship, you need to be as open and honest, as possible.
The degree of acceptable transparency in each relationship is controversial, of course, as there are some things which are better left undisclosed.

To a larger extent, honesty and transparency cannot be ignored in your dating relationship with your boyfriend or husband, and there are things that you are expected of you, to inform him.

1. Children from a past relationship. First of all, you have to acknowledge your past relationships. Let your man know how far you’ve traded in the dating and relationship market.
Furthermore, you cannot keep silent on whether you have any children from past dating relationships. Even if the child is not with you presently, your partner needs to know, all the same.

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2. Genotype and medical history. Except if you’re HIV positive or living with Sickle Cell Anemia, your medical history is not something you should share right off, but at some point you will have to; especially if the romance is becoming more serious and you can perceive that your man wants to take things to the next stage.

3. Never hide your expectations. Your man should know what he is getting into, right from the start.
The mistake most ladies do make, is that they assume that being a sensitive person is the same thing, as being a mind-reader.
No guy can be sensitive to things he does not know. Of course, there are general relationship knowledge that anyone in a relationship is surely expected to know but again, if you have a special way of having things done, say, you have to let him know about it.
Please make these things very clear right at the start of the romance. If you are not transparent about your expectations at the start, you cannot expect your boyfriend to conform to your desires, later in the relationship.

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4. Past love affairs, It is imperative to let your man know about you past relationships. You never know, when your past may bounce back to unsettle your present. So be faithful to your husband and be transparent with him so that he supports you in times of need.

5. Close male friends, Let your husband know about all your male friends. This will help him understand your equation with them to avoid any unnecessary misunderstanding.

6. Don’t hide your insecurities, If you think you may lose your husband to another woman owing to a baseless fear, share it with him. Not nurse the negative thought inside you else it will flare up and create unwanted issues between the two of you.

7. Her feelings about your family. The majority of women camouflage their real opinion about your family and relatives. It doesn’t necessarily mean your girl doesn’t like them. But she may be extremely cautious and reserved in expressing her opinion about your closest one in order not to cause damage to your relationship by saying something inappropriate.


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