10 Perfect Signs That Shows Your Friend is Falling For You

1. Always sends you text messages from morning to night
If your friend greets you ‘good morning’, ‘happy lunchtime’, ‘good night’ thru text daily, and s/he tries to keep the conversation up whenever you reply, then it can be a sign. Your friend remembers you all the time, and s/he wants to stay connected to you even when you are away from each other. However, it would be best if you try to do a background check before assuming. If s/he does this to your common friends too, then it is just a normal thing.

2. Always available for you
You know your friend likes you if s/he is never busy whenever you ask for time. S/he can sacrifice whatever s/he is doing just to be with you. It is normal for friends to be helping each other, but when it comes to priorities, family, work, and studies usually go first.

Now, if your friend can set aside their time for family, work, or studies to be by your side, then it is a different story. You have to start asking why.

3. Makes an effort to look great whenever you will meet
Another sign is you notice that your friend is always on his/her best foot during planned meetups, but does not seem to care about his/her looks whenever you just accidentally meet. Maybe s/he really prepares to look good every time you will meet because s/he wants to catch your eye.

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Of course, it is normal for us, humans, to desire attention especially from those we are attracted to. That is why we wear our best outfit, get a new hairstyle, and bathe in perfume whenever there is a chance to meet our crush.

4. Becomes loud and funny when you are around
Have you noticed your friend is unusually funny and noisy whenever you arrive? ‘Unusually’ means you know him/her to be a normally quiet person, but lately s/he gets hyper every time you are around. It is probably because s/he wants your attention.

Joking around and being loud are among the easiest ways to get others’ attention. It is also one way of saying, “Look at me! I am fun to be with.”

5. Laughs at your corniest joke–even if others do not
Another obvious sign is when s/he always laughs at your jokes, even those which are lousy. S/he seems to be the only one to appreciate your dry humor. You get confused whether s/he laughs so you will not be embarrassed or s/he is just sympathetic.

Admit it, you would also do the same in case your crush throws a corny joke. It would be your chance of showing him/her that you are his/her number 1 fan.

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6. Does not get bored listening to you
You know a person likes you when s/he is interested in your life story and anything else you want to say. S/he loves listening to you—you feel that because s/he keeps on asking follow-up questions even for the trivial things you tell him/her.

Also, even if you tell your friend the same story, again and again, s/he would still listen. Do not be surprised if s/he remembers every detail of your stories because s/he really pays attention.

7. Interested in your love life
If this friend of yours always asks for updates regarding your relationship status or how your crush is, then it is probably because s/he wants to find out if s/he could ever have the chance to be with you.

Nothing could be worse than knowing your crush’s heart belongs to someone else already. So, if you happen to be friends, then you could use your friendship to find out if you should keep the feelings on or just move on.

8. Compliments you even for small things
There is nothing wrong if someone compliments you because that is healthy. However, if you notice that there is this person who notices and praises every detail of you, even those which are almost invisible to naked eyes, then it could be something else. It probably means that s/he admires you a lot that s/he appreciates everything about you.

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Moreover, your friend’s appreciation habit can be his/her strategy to completely win your heart. People become grateful and attached to those who always appreciate them. It is because they feel valued.

9. Likes it better when you are alone together
If you notice your friend seems to enjoy your company better when no one else is around, then it is a sign that s/he is crushing on you. S/he likes having your entire attention, so you can have an undisturbed quality time together.

What are the usual indications that this is what your friend wants? For instance, s/he would be planning a get-together, which you thought includes the whole gang. Then, s/he tells you the others are not available, but you need to pursue the plan.

10. Avoids you in public
Your friend could be too open with you whenever you are texting or chatting on Messenger. However, you notice that s/he is less social with you whenever you go out together or you are in public. Isn’t this suspicious?

The reason your friend is like this could be because s/he gets self-conscious whenever you are around. S/he is afraid that you and other people would notice what s/he feels towards you.


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