Signs That Shows You Need To Leave Your Relationship For Your Own Good

One person has the most of the power over both.

Does the person you love have too much power over you, besides the power of love? An obvious sign of a toxic relationship is when someone has more power over you than you have about yourself. Remember, no one has power over you – unless you give it to him!

He/she injured you too many times. When someone betrays you emotionally or hurt you more than once, you should know when it’s enough. There is no love that can maintain a relationship in which there are too many injuries. Do not act the martyr; do not stand for something that does not suit you. Anyone deserves better than that, so do you.

You no longer know who you are.

 While you feel you’ve lost your identity, you start to believe what your partner says you are, or you’re becoming someone you do not recognise.

You feel a chronic fear.

 Though you do not know the exact reason, you fear most of the time; you feel uneasy. It is the fear that you are losing him, and you feel that there is nothing you can do.

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You feel isolated: 

Not much to talk to your parents now, your friends complains about not seeing you almost ever, and at work, you do not really talk to anyone. Is this because of the intense jealousy of your partner?

You are arguing too much about everything. 

Some couples argue more, some less, it is completely natural, but when you realize that this has become a model of behavior in a relationship and that fighting about trifles and absolutely irrelevant things you should seriously ask yourself whether this fits you and that these are the conditions in which you want to “enjoy”.

Your partner does not trust you. If your partner is the typical overzealous that do not stop calling, to ask where and with who you’ve been and even though you tell the truth, he/she does not trust you, do not think it’s for love. That’s not loving! It is insecurity and, later, can lead to bigger problems.

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Your partner wants you to change. If your partner constantly criticises you what you are and call for change, run! This is one of the clearest signs that the relationship is not working. Because your partner, it is assumed, is with you because he likes what you are and accept you such as you are.

Your partner does not have the same life goals as you. Love, unfortunately, is not everything. If you don’t agree with the approach of life of your partner (future goals, for example), and you cannot find a plan that will satisfy both, you may have to go your way.

Your partner says he loves you, but acts as if it were not so. This is more serious: If your partner is cheating on you or have some behavior harmful to you, is it worth clinging to that says “I love you”? Words without actions to support them are gone with the wind.

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You wonder what is not working. It is one of the most important signals. You feel that your relationship does not hold water, and you are worried, perhaps without even having put the exact name of all the reasons. You could think carefully and/or talk with someone you trust.

The termination is one of the most difficult things that we encounter in life. Breaking with someone you still love is even more difficult. There are many worries and fears when you’re in a relationship, but much more when you leave it.

You are full of doubt, and you are asking yourself did you make the right decision. However, love is not enough to maintain the relationship. So, do not stay in it if there are a lot of things that are bothering you.


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