10 Reasons Why No Girl Want to Date You

Negative comments

If you want to win her attention, do not use negative comments, or to give her some humorous compliments that are funny only to you. The negative comments, especially on the first date will leave a terrible impression on her and will force her to run away far from you. Instead, carefully pick your words, and with a seductive tone, give her a nice compliment. This is what always works.

She will not fall on your story about money

With your attitude that every girl wants only money, and that this is what is in the first place for all women you will never have the opportunity to achieve a quality relationship with a girl. Although the material is a significant sentence when asking marriage while courting a woman you want to conquer, avoid talking about money and your income. At first, it is more important how do you deal with her how much you are witty and dedicated.

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Do you want to leave the impression of a spoiled little boy? And if you have any problems do not forget that you are not in a session with your psychologist, you are on the first date with a potential girlfriend. It is not attractive that you, on the first date start to complain and insult yourself and your life. A smile and a positive attitude are essential in seduction.

Careful with touching

Do not touch her, except by chance, or at least make that looks like it was by chance. You did not yet reach to get to know each other, and you touch her lower back, shoulder or elbow. Do not do that. It will reject her, and do not even think about next meeting with her.

You only deal with the presumptions

Men should not assume that women do not like stories about cars, or whiskey, or football, just because they are women. Be clever with words and lead a comfortable conversation to figure out what it is that she likes and what not. No woman wants to date with a guy who underestimates her and who deals only with presumptions, and that is what you exactly do – underestimating her.

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Making fun of her friends

Why do you think it’s fun when you insult her best friend? Put yourself in her situation: would you like her to talk that way about your best friend? This is a big “no” if you think about getting her for yourself. Please note that these friends existed in her life before she met you. What do you think who she would choose if he had to make a choice, a childhood friend or someone who, hideously, makes fun of her biggest support in life? Such behavior is reason enough to not ever wants to see you, let alone to date with you.

Playing the court jester

Well, it is probably clear that every girl loves that the man makes her laugh with his intelligent humor and jokes, but not to play court jester. You have to know the difference and to set some limits. However, if you are not witty, do not try to make her laugh with some jokes because they will end just as it should not be. Girls just do not want to date someone who could embarrass them in the company with their conspicuousness to be witty.

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Here is the increased scale of possible unpleasant moments. Whether it comes to outbursts of rage while driving, watching the waiter or seller askance or frequently disparage of people for no particular reason, most of the women do not like this. Be sure that no girl will want to date with you if you show these signs of indecency.


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