12 Questions a Guy Should Never Ask a Girl

How old are you?

Dude, did your parents did not tell you that this question represents a lack of education? It is a golden rule NEVER ask a woman’s age, whether you like it or not.

How much do you earn?

With this question, you think you are an accountant, financial advisor or what? Dare to try to figure this out, and you are going to scare her. After hearing this question, she would not want to come back to get you neither in Google, as a minimum signal you send her is a man advantage, eager to keep you nothing to do, in that women, are very chauvinistic.

This is worse than before; you can destroy any intention you have with the woman in question or start the relationship very badly. It is most uncomfortable; it is insulting because obese or anorexic or any of these two appreciations is terrible, even if your intention is merely gossip. Forget it; her weight does not interest you, equal, she will never tell you the truth.

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Do you like to be conquered?

It is as obviously a ridiculous question. It’s like asking permission to kiss. Of course! Women like that someone conquers her! We believe in the women’s revolution, but some aspects are still chauvinistic, we all want good morning messages with emoticons kiss, heart, etc. We all want to hear the ‘I seek you,’ ‘go to dinner,’ ‘how beautiful are you today,’ finally; women also show signs that they like, if not, nor ask, flees, stay away as much as possible.

Are they yours?

Typical questions of those who dazzle with a perfect bust of a woman and want to know its origin. Well, your problem is not where they come from. If geneticists contributed to that or a master surgeon did his work in it, none of your business.

Are you going to pay your thing?

Before asking that better bite your tongue. If you invite, you pay more if it is the first date or are just getting to know. Exit to the ‘American’ is a sign that you have a very precarious economy, this is a bit seductive. Simple, if you do not have how to pay, do not go out, not propose or not to accept the invitation. Best invent stomach upset, rather than disappoint your girl with this deadly question.

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You just leave the salon, where you were more than half a day making your manicure and pedicure, peeling, cutting, drying and ironing, and he asks you, “Did not attend you?”, That is! Such great disrespect. Besides being a poorly worded question, because you say that you do not see anything different, you are showing her you are one of those beings with a lack of subtlety and tact. With a “how beautiful are you” you would save a country?

With how many men have you been?

It is very difficult to ask this question because many women do not want to talk about it, especially in the beginning. Also, men will more often condemn the woman if her number is “excessive.”

Do you think I’m handsome?

A man can not ask this question and not to fall out unsure of himself, and that’s the last thing you want to happen in front of a woman.

Are you in your periods?

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One last, the most annoying, especially because it is used to attack you when you walk in a bad mood for some unfortunate situation during the day: “Are you in your periods?” Totally and categorically NO.

As said at the beginning, there are hundreds of uncomfortable questions that men should not ask, not only because women find this uncomfortable, but because, even worse, the answers could be catastrophic regarding what you expected to hear.


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