10 Signs That Shows Your Partner doesn’t Value you at all

1. Your Partner Doesn’t Put Efforts In The Relationship

One of the signs that your partner doesn’t value is that he/she never puts effort into the relationship. No matter how hard you try, your partner will be least interested in strengthening your relationship. He/she would never care to do new things to keep the spark alive in the relationship. Not only this, but your partner would never respect the efforts made by you. Even if you walk an extra mile, he/she would never care to acknowledge the same.

2. Your Partner Never Does Things For You

One of the ways of letting your partner know that you care for him/her is by doing a few special things for him/her. For example, writing a special note, bringing presents, cooking a special dish, etc. can be one of the ways to let your partner know that he/she is extremely special to you. But if your partner never does anything to make you feel special or loved, then this could be a sign that he/she doesn’t value you.

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3. Your Partner Avoids Any Serious Conversation

Having a serious conversation in any relationship is one of the important things. But if your partner always avoids having a good and serious conversation with you, then this could be because he/she least values you. In fact, your partner may not speak to you for days and won’t care to know your whereabouts. When asked, he/she would give you some vague answers but won’t feel the need to have a face-to-face conversation.

4. Your Partner Never Appreciates You

It could be possible that your partner doesn’t take the initiative to do something special for you. It can be accepted until your partner acknowledges and appreciates the efforts made by you. If you feel that your partner never appreciates what you do for him/her and often finds faults in the same, then this could be a red flag that you must not ignore.

5. Your Partner Criticises Your Choices, Thoughts And Beliefs

For a relationship to be healthy and happy, it is important that you not only love your partner but also respect him/her. When we talk about respecting each other, it is also about honouring each other beliefs, thoughts, opinions and choices. This is one of the ways of expressing love to each other. But if your partner always criticises and mocks your beliefs, thoughts, opinions and choices, then this could be because he/she never values you.

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6. Your Partner Often Ignores You

Do you find your partner ignoring you intentionally and giving you a cold shoulder? If yes, then we understand how much it hurts and makes you feel miserable. In such a case, it would be a foolish thing to blame yourself for being ignored by your partner. This is because a person who loves you truly and wants to be with you would never ignore you. In fact, that person would find ways to spend each and every moment with you.

7. Your Partner Always Makes Excuses

One of the signs your partner doesn’t value is he/she will always make excuses to you. Whether it is about going out on a date, spending an evening together or watching a movie, your partner will always come up with excuses and spoil your mood. He/she will never care about your emotions. This could be because he/she never understands how much you love him/her.

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8. Your Partner Compares You With Someone Else

Let us get one thing straight, no two people are the same. Everyone has their own individuality and there’s no wise in comparing two people. A person who loves you genuinely would accept you the way you are. He/she would fall in love with not only your strengths but also your weaknesses. You will never feel like copying or pretending to be someone else just to please the love of your life. But if your partner often compares and expects you to be like someone else, then this could be because he/she doesn’t value you.


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