7 Things you should do when you’re in love

7 Things you should do when you’re in love

A woman in love is a different version of herself; she would put up certain attitudes that she wouldn’t ordinarily show and she could go beyond her will to show her love.
These are some things a woman does when in love.

1. BECOME VULNERABLE. Women in love sometimes become vulnerable, irrespective of the fact that they might get hurt or heartbroken. It’s not that they want to be hurt, but they are so much in love to care.

2. GIVE THEIR MAN THE BENEFIT OF DOUBT. A woman in love could even notice some things she doesn’t really appreciate in her man or even some behaviours she wouldn’t ordinarily tolerate, but love could make her turn a blind eye.

3. WANT MORE TIME. A lot of men complain about women being cagey and in their space, but a woman would only do this when she’s really in love with that man. Women tend to be cagey and want more time with their man when they’re so much in love.

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4. LOOK GOOD. Almost every woman loves to look good, but a woman in love would want to look good, not only for herself but her man as well. She would also try to take care of her body flaws just to look appealing to her man.

5. LOVEY DOVEY. Most women in love tend to be lovey-dovey when with their man, show public display of affection and brag about their man when with friends and put him up on social media.

6. SUPPORT HIM IN HIS WORST. So many women who really love their man have been there for him even at his worst. Women who love their man tend to have an inner strength and become their man’s support system.

7. DO THINGS TO MAKE HIM HAPPY. Most women in love just love to be a source of happiness to their man; they love their man and love to see him smile, so they do things to make him smile.

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A woman in love is a different version of herself, and she loves every bit of being in love with that special guy.

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