How to apologize to the one you love for hurting them

How to apologize to the one you love for hurting them

Many people lose someone because of their pride. Even if they hurt their beloved person and know that they are in the wrong, they are just struggling to admit their mistakes out loud. It is important that you overcome your fears and apologize as soon as possible because with every passing day, the chances that this person forgives you are getting lower. Of course, it is important to give them space for a few days in case you really hurt them very deeply, but later, you should offer your apologies, so that the person knows you mean it.

1. Choosing relationship over being right. When difficulties arise in a relationship, it’s a natural human instinct to want to assign blame. If the other person is in the wrong, then we can gloat in the satisfaction of being right. It’s easy to dive into the deep end of the pool of self-righteousness. It takes emotional maturity to prioritize the health of the relationship over the ego-feeding need to be right. Apologizing for the pain and difficulty of the current situation, even if you didn’t cause it, shows you place a higher value on the other person than you do on the need to be right.

2. Let go of your expectations for how your spouse will react when you say you are sorry. He or she may need time to let your apology sink in, and forgiveness may not be granted right away. You can’t control how your wife or husband will react to your apology, so give your partner the space he or she needs to process what happened. No matter how you say sorry to your spouse, how they react is up to them.

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3. Admit your mistake. The first step to a sincere apology is admitting you were wrong. Not only will accepting your mistakes, taking responsibility for them, and learning from them make your apology come off as genuine and heartfelt—it will also make you a better spouse, in general.

4. Commit to not making that mistake again. The best apology in the world won’t make a bit of difference if you keep on making the same mistakes. So come up with a plan to prevent that from happening. For example, if you forgot to take care of an important task (i.e. taking the dog to the vet or paying the phone bill), try setting yourself reminders so that it won’t happen again. This will show your spouse that you take their feelings seriously and that you’re committed to making your relationship work.

5. Choose words and phrases that are soft, gentle, and sincere, but make sure they sound like things you would actually say. Don’t try to be someone else when you apologize for your blunder. Being fake is the worst way to say sorry.

6. I’m very sorry for the pain and embarrassment I caused you. You are a devoted partner, and you didn’t deserve my thoughtless [words/actions]. I hope you can forgive me and give me a chance to make things better between us.

7. I’m so very sorry for all the things I didn’t say and do when you really needed me to be there for you. Please forgive me.
I am deeply sorry that I hurt you. I know these words alone can’t make things right. I want you to know how much I regret what I did to make you sad. I love you with all my heart, and I will do whatever I can to make it up to you.

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8. Apologize for the right reasons. When you apologize for just what you did, you can more easily move forward and put the conflict behind you, regardless of the other person’s actions. When we apologize, we’re able to more easily maintain the integrity and forgive ourselves.

9. Let them know you realize your mistake. There could be times when the person you’ve hurt doesn’t want to have anything to do with you. Do not let this demotivate you. Instead, let them know that you feel sorry for your mistake and want to improve yourself for it.
Try to talk to them through their friends and family by telling them how sorry you are. When they see how sorry and distraught you are because of the incident that happened, they will eventually soften up. They will forgive you.


10. Forgiveness will not change the past, but it will make an impact on the future. Please forgive me.

11. I overlooked your feelings only to make myself happy. Now I realized that my happiness only depends on yours. I am so sorry.

12. It is never too late to apologize and make things right. I hope you will forgive me for being insensitive to you.

13. When you hurt someone, and they tell you that, it is not up to you to decide that they should not be hurt.

14. Sorry means nothing unless you really mean it. I am so sorry for making you cry.

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15. No one is perfect, and I am no exception. I have made mistakes and hurt people. But I am trying to become a better person, and when I apologize, I really mean it.

16. I believe that you will accept my apology because I sincerely mean it, and I swear that I will never hurt you anymore.

17. When you say “I’m sorry”, it is like saying “I love you”, but with a smothered pride and wounded heart.

18. Causing you pain was not my intention. I hope you know that I never meant to make you cry. Please forgive me.

19. I love you so much, and I will always be sorry for what I have done. I know it is hard for you to forgive me, but I can swear that I will never go to the same ways again.

20. Hurting you is entirely my fault, and I will take the blame for it. Please forgive me for my foolishness.

21. I want you to forgive me more than anything. If I ever earn your forgiveness, and even if I do not, I promise hand on heart that I will become a better person from now on.

22. No matter what, you will always be number one for me. I am hurting so much because of what I have done to you. Could you please forgive me?

23. Every mistake deserves forgiveness if the person has the courage to admit the mistake and learn their lesson from it.

24. I wanted to say that it is okay to take your time if you are not ready to forgive me yet. No matter what, I will be waiting for you. I love you so much, and you mean the world to me.

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