It is important to note that there are different cause factors and peculiar to each relationship. That is to say the reasons for breakups in relationships varied with one love party to the other. While there are many different reasons people breakup that result in heartbroken, it is factual to state that there are some basic and very common causes of breakup and consequently heartbreak especially known and prevalent with young people. These are highlighted below;

Inability to define the relationship from the beginning: Most of the failed relationships that lead to heartbreak were fundamentally designed to fail. When starting a relationship, it is important you define the relationship, it’s limit and where it will end. A young man may enter a relationship without the intention of marriage, while the lady involved in such hook, may be thinking and concluding marriage. If this is not well defined from the beginning, with time when the obvious will be irresistible, there is bound to be an heartbreak. The same goes to the ladies, a lady may decides to go into a relationship just for protection, to have someone to keep her comfortable for the moment or to pay her bills without necessarily having mind of marriage, while the young man involved may be concluding in his mind yes I have found my missing rib. Suddenly he proposes and she said no “let just be friends “. This to me is a major cause, you see while in some cases, a partner may muster the courage to define it to the other his limits and what he wants but the initial attractions and love at first sight will override his or her judgement only to regret later when it’s too late.

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Way forward it is therefore important you discuss your relationship when entering it. That is define the boundaries and strive to stay within them or decline going into it if the conditions did not suit you. It is better not to start than to enter deep and crash hard.

Lack of Commitment and Understanding and immaturity: Relationships require commitment from both partners. There will be a breakup if overtime only on partner is committed, most times when it is newly started, the dearth of commitment from one will not be obvious and therefore be ignored coupled with the initial attractions. But overtime this becomes so open and perhaps they must have gone far deep. This is capable of wiping out the initial intentions and love.
Additionally, it is possible to remain and work out the differences if there is understanding and maturity. Absence of those can lead to heartbreak .

Immediate Gratification. Some young people go into relationships not because they are in love. In fact some are fully aware that they are not ready for committed relationship but because they want to satisfy the body filled with lust, failed to give it a thought before entering it. All they wanted was to have s💕e💕x with the other person or to make money from the opposite s💕e💕x and can go to any length to achieve that without minding the consequences including the use of deceit and fake promise of marriage.

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In view of the above, it is advisable you learn the act of self-control and always think before you act. Think of the consequences on the other partner and on you after the act. Be true to yourself and communicate your intentions and limits clearly to one another before entering into a relationship.

In Conclusion, it is obvious that heartbreak is a searing pain that most people suffer in failed relationships and it can lead to depression, frustration and other mental illness including suicide.
It is also noteworthy, that there are several factors that can result in relationships breakup that causes heartbreak. But this post summaries all into three major headings which include inability to define a relationship from beginning, lack of commitment and immaturity and immediate gratification of bodily desires without giving it a thought.


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