8 Reasons why some men easily loose interest in their woman

8 Reasons why some men easily loose interest in their woman

Many homes are like tower of Babel, divide against itself. Some faithful men who said till death do us path some years ago are now living with their wife like room mates.

Was this not brother Soji and Sister Clara we joined together some years ago in our temple?, Was this not that brother who said I can lay my life to save her then? What now happened?

I can die for you has now become an assailant, I can die for you has now become death himself.

1. When a women or wife forget they are helpers not the head of the house; A man don’t want another man like him, that’s why God didn’t made another man through the dust but from a finished product. Two drivers can’t control the wheel. When a woman become a competitor not a companion, when a woman see his husband as a rival not a leader, that house will be in confusion. This ego is brought about by how much impact they’ve brought to the family.
Woman should never forget that a deputy can’t over power the president but always be deputy.

Men don’t love competition, they are born to compete, they always want to maintain the top, whenever they see competition is their home, their ego will respond and fight it with their strength.

2. Dress sense: Some believed after they married, they don’t need to dress nice or inviting again. Some women will come to slay for us on social media but won’t slay in their home before their spouse. How can you tie wrapper like leaf of pap, dress like mango tree, kit up to bed as if you are preparing for world war 12?, There are clothes and push up that will make you look great. It’s dressing that made some men deny their wife outside beside them.
All these side chicken and vulture you are seeing out their na packaging they are using, if you put yourself side by side, your are better.

Wear neat pants, a romantic pant can even let a man raise alarm especially in this cold weather. Wear Good clothes and neat at home not just for occasion alone.

3. Transfer of love: I usually says to ladies, don’t transfer the love of your husband to your Children. Immediately some women give birth, they will see their children as comforter and companion to replace the role of their spouse, the hug, kiss, care is only on this kids not the man who married them. They invest all love and affection on their kids as if his father don’t need love. As God is a jealous God, also man are jealous.
You have forgotten that one day, all this kids will go to school, get married, it will now remain you and that man that his love thank is already empty and behave matured for years when you transfer the love. He is only trying to be a good father now, it’s when the kids are no more around he will react out of lust and lack of love.
You fail to love when your kids are around, when they left it will still remain both of you.

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He is still your first love, your breast should satisfy him, let you kids know their father is still the head and a priority.
Sometimes, it will be so bad that if the kids did something wrong and the daddy scold, mummy will pet them. Indirectly presenting the father to be the terrorist of the house… Thereby given hatred a seat in the home.

Some will be shouting my child not our child as if she got pregnant by herself another version of virgin Mary, some will be reporting their husband to their kids at tender age. Why?.
Your spouse is still your companion and comforter even if you give birth to 30 as long as he is still alive even calling your first son your husband while his father is living and confiding in him is wrong. This usually gives men Joy and sense of responsibility to play their role when they still find their love in your heart.

1 Samuel 1:8 Then said Elkanah her husband to her, Hannah, why weepest thou? and why eatest thou not? and why is thy heart grieved? am not I better to thee than ten sons?.

He is trying to fight for his position as a man, seeing Hanna’s countenance and his desperation for a child made him confess.

4. Care of private parts; some women don’t care about their private part at all, don’t look after infections and personal hygiene. As a breastfeeding mother, their are things to do, during ovulation, during period each time come with hormonal changes that can altar the body and causes chemical release in the body.
You are already noticing some changes, discharge, or odour down there but you didn’t care, do you think he won’t?. Treat infections, shave both down and up, use roll on under your armpit Biko. If the place look little bit loosen, their are exercises you can do that will make the muscle around there tighten more.


5. Reactions to matters: some ladies only bring beautiful face, yansh and birth certificate to the table no meaningful contribution even in conversations. At times when men has received blows from opponent outside, worried about issues of life, they always need someone to comfort them, put cold water on them to ease their pains. Please encourage your spouse. In storm and rain, some women will only keep quiet and still ask for money using their kids as an excuse that they must eat.

Can’t you fast for him?, Can’t you wake up before him and wake him up with romantic songs and some finger licking psalms to open the door of a new day for him?. Even if that prayer didn’t answer immediately, you thinks he will forget?. Men look forward to see a comforter who can understand that they are passing through a lot not just a noise maker.

That’s why a woman role is compared to the work of an holy spirit, you are a comforter, an help meet, a solution provider, a counselor and so on.

Read books on how to handle crisis, management, leadership, encouragement and likes. Don’t be 100% beautiful and have 10% wisdom. Sincerely that’s what is called wisdom deficiency and insufficient balance in the brain box.
Because your man is a man of God don’t mean you can maltreat him. Don’t be part of the foolish virgins. Some sister Rose in church are now weed at home after 10 years of marriage, won’t they uproot you at last?. Be claiming till death do you path, can God fight for you like this?. If you fail in your responsibility even God will fold hands on your matter.

Proverbs 14:1 Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.

6. Nagging; No man wants a nagging wife as simple as that some people, even if you clip their mouth, they will still be shouting inside. Look for a romantic way to pass your message, he is not deaf, he hears you.
His hears are not heavy to hear but your complain had made him hardened his heart.

7. Appreciation: If you are grateful, you will be great. Most woman see giving by their husband as a right which is true but men love appreciation. A thank you can make a difference in his next decision.

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Hope you know hallowed be thy name comes before give us our daily bread?
How many times have you wake up and massage that his big chest and say thank you for taking care of us?

8. S❤e❤x: let me clear my throat, hmmm. Hope you know some woman don’t m❤o❤a❤n during s❤e❤x?, It’s not carnality to express your feeling during s❤e❤x, some women will just lie down like I surrender all, you are part of the s❤e❤x ma, your soul, and body must be there. How will you feel when you entered a bus and it’s not moving, won’t you come down?. That’s why most men enjoy s❤e❤x than woman, they reach orgasm quickly because their mind is their but the woman think all she need is just to sleep and face up like a dead body, if he is cumming, you too much come, we are cumming together.

M❓oaning boost a man’s confidence, make his e❤rection last longer, do more harder and faster.

Say sweet word. Ohhh I love you, you are trying, that’s the spot, har🎙der. Tickle him and so on. Let me stop there Ojare.

Woman of value arise, wolves are outside just looking for a man who look sad and grab, protect your husband, comfort him, let him look behind and find you.

Fight your battle’s in the war room not Battle field.
When you wake, don’t let you kneel be far from greeting him, it’s a blessing, don’t let your kneel be far from ground in prayer. When you sweat in prayer, you won’t bleed in battles.

Sir, amend your ways and live like a responsible father to your children, a king and husband to your wife, a priest unto the Lord.
Love is a decision it’s not Everytime you will feel comfortable about somethings, love is a commitment and fight to live together, NOBODY IS PERFECT. The best is yet to come.
Nobody can replace this beautiful queen of yours don’t break her trust, depend on her and pray with her. She is not perfect and also she is a weaker vessel, be her strength in time of weakness, don’t expose her mistakes, talk to her in love.

May your home be a template for others to copy. Walk in love.

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