How to take care of your man in a relationship

How to take care of your man in a relationship

Being generous with your praise will pay great dividends in the long run. Remember to be genuine when you affirm; your husband will be able to tell whether the words you say to him are authentic.

In all ways, make yourself available to your husband. Be accessible. Be his companion, his confidante, and his lover. He needs you! Gift him generously with your time, lovingly fulfilling his needs.

1. How to keep your man happy, show him some respect. Respect is a man’s food. Any woman who can respect a man will have the very best of him. This has been proven to make a man happy.

Treat your man like the king he is, make him feel like he has the final say. Be respectful in every sense of it, show him reverence in how you speak to him whether you are alone or in public. Value his inputs, don’t put him down with your words, don’t use insulting words to express your displeasure, don’t raise your voice at him.

Even if you are older age-wise, get him a pet name rather than call him his first name. Be a humble lady; humble women are virtuous women, humble women make their husbands happy, humble women have great marriages.

2. Give him peace of mind, Every man wants peace of mind after a hard time with the world, don’t complicate his life. Only witches control others, nagging is a form of witchcraft. It doesn’t help. Let him have peace, please.

3. Flirt with him, Flirting keeps your passion alive, and it is a vital part of any good relationship. Plan solo dates often, try new things together, and pinch his butt cheeks just for fun. A little sexting never hurts, either.

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4. Make your partner a priority, Take time often to let your boyfriend or hubby know how special he is to you. We get that life gets super busy; school, jobs, kids, and other commitments often get in the way. Taking time out of your day to send a sweet text or pick up his favorite snack on the way home is a simple way to remind him he’s always on your mind.

5. Keeping it real at home. If your man is caring, loving and protective (not obsessive) of you, and you want to keep him home, you want him to desire you often, then keep yourself looking and smelling good. If you were looking fine when you met him, you should continue to keep yourself in shape and looking sexy. Yes, I’m sure many of us have had children, and our bodies aren’t the same. However, that’s no excuse for letting ourselves go. Looking good for him also means looking good for ourselves, which improves self-esteem. Not only will you be desirable and luscious, he will be happy and treat you as the queen you are.

6. Know when to leave him alone. One thing that can make a guy lose interest is if his girlfriend is smothering him. While spending time together as a couple is important, you can’t always be together.

Some women have a tendency to guilt their boyfriends into calling them every day or spending every night together. While this can be especially common in the early stages of a relationship, it’s not necessarily healthy. If he wants to go out with his buddies one night, or if he needs large periods of alone time to feel centered, respect that.

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Try not to be offended. If you’re proactive about it and offer to give him space, that’s even better because he’ll feel less guilty asking for it. This is how to keep a man interested in a genuine way through his own free will

7. Don’t make him feel jealous. If you want to keep your man, don’t make him feel jealous. Don’t do foolish things like orchestrating any act just to make them jealous and prove their love to you. Jealousy is painful to the heart and brain. Do you think men like it when they get jealous? The answer is NO!

8. Have fear of losing him. If you want to keep your man, don’t act like it’s just okay to lose him. Treasure him and make him feel valued. Show him how much you want him to be kept in your life. But of course, don’t make it too much that you become too insecure and possessive.

9. Make sacrifices. If you want to keep your man, make him feel your true love. True love is felt when you become selfless – when you think of him first before yourself. It will make him realize that you’re a woman to keep for the long term.

10. Be calm and patient. If you want to keep your man, learn how to control your anger and manage your tantrums. Don’t be a nagger. Who can endure living in a house with a nagger?

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11. Perfectly pamper him. One of the best ways to show your boyfriend you care is by pampering him perfectly. If he has a lot to complain, you should be listening to him, no matter how boring it might get. If he has a lot of issues, listen to them all. Give him that head massage once in a while and cook for him often. Buy him small gifts even though there isn’t an occasion that demands it.

12. Relinquish the need for control. Worse than anything, a man hates when a woman is constantly trying to control every situation. It’s emasculating and it’s degrading, both to you and him. You’re not very fun or pretty when you’re controlling. Until you get a grip on your fears or whatever is making you work this ugly trait, your relationship will suffer. Let him be the man. You’re with him for a reason. He’s capable. Let him prove it. He’ll love you for it.

13. Love him in his language. Showing love to your husband in the way he best receives it is a wonderful way to care for him. It won’t always come naturally to love from his perspective, but when you do, he’ll know you’re really focusing him and on his unique needs.

When does your husband seem to revel in your love? Whether he responds best to acts of service, loving words, gifts, shared activities, or any other expression of love, focus on those areas and bless him. He’ll appreciate the effort you make to help him feel cherished.

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