25 Signs of a Cheating Husband

1.  He is manipulative 

A cheating husband will exploit you emotionally by using your weakness and make you question your recollection of events.

He can even blame the reason for his cheating on your flaws.

2.  Cheating has become an addiction

If your husband is addicted to cheating, he will often have emotional outbursts and go to extreme length to keep his infidelity hidden.

His character will often change to that of a drug addict and involve a change in how he spends money and appearance.

3.  He may be depressed and going through a lot

It is important to note that because your husband is depressed, it isn’t a 100% proof that he is cheating.

However, depression can be a sign that your husband is unfaithful and is negatively affected by his actions.

4.  He is feeling less of himself and wants to be all alpha

It’s no surprise that a cheating husband will feel less of himself and try to prove his dominance by showing alpha characteristics.

5.  He usually feels guilty on several occasions

An unfaithful husband will be drowned in guilt and apologize for every argument even when he is not at fault.

He may even go as far as getting you gifts frequently.

6.  He would change his style to suit his new habits

When people change their habits or take on a new trait, it’s not surprising that this will be reflected in their appearance.

The same goes for a cheating husband; he can even try to dress younger if his lover is young.

7.  He usually wants to cause a quarrel

Why take the blame when you can put it on another person. A cheating husband will often raise unnecessary arguments to push you away and blame the failing marriage on you

8.  The environment around him is usually uneasy

A husband that cheats often is tense and awkward around you.

He is not comfortable in his skin, and you will notice the air around him to be uneasy.

9.  He is usually criticizing all your actions

You can never satisfy a husband that cheats. He criticizes all your actions and silently blames you for his infidelity

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10.  He is usually absent-minded

You will stop being a priority for an unfaithful husband.

A husband that cheats is often distracted, disinterested in your interests and absent-minded.

11.  He becomes secretive with all his actions

A cheating husband becomes secretive, hiding the little things from you.

He refuses to tell you his movement for the day and is reluctant to carry you to events for fear that you might run into his lover.

12.  He mostly changes his password and personal information

The phone of a husband that cheats becomes the most important thing to him. He doesn’t share the password to his phone or electronic devices with you.

He avoids giving his phone to you to make a simple call or take a picture.

13.  He usually accuses you of his wrongdoings

A husband that cheats will usually blame you for his wrongdoings.

Any argument or setback in your relationship will be traced to you even though you’re not at fault.

14.  He is usually fixated on his mobile devices

You can’t get a cheating husband away from his phone.

Either he is communicating to his lover or safeguarding his phone from prying eyes.

15.   Neighbors and friends are usually uneasy around him suddenly

Most times, the spouse is the last person to know their husband is cheating.

Neighbors and friends will likely know he is unfaithful and will be uncomfortable around both of you, not to spill the secret mistakenly.

16.  He is usually tired when getting back from work

He is usually tired and in a mood when he gets back from work. He will be disinterested in having a conversation or sexual relations with you.

17.  He usually has a lower sex drive than before

A husband that cheats will have a lower sex drive with you. This is because he is getting sex outside, and his attraction towards you will reduce.

18.  All personal information, such as banking statements, is usually kept secret

An unfaithful husband showers his lover with affection and money.

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As a result, he will keep his bank statement hidden from you to prevent you from noticing the excess money spent that can’t be accounted for.

19.   He adopts a secretive lifestyle as opposed to before it began

Your fun, open husband will turn secretive and private.

He will do his best to hide the affair from you by closing you off to parts of his life.

20.  Family gatherings soon become a bore for him as he always wants to be on his phone

He is no longer interested in family gatherings and spending time with you.

He is mostly on his phone with his lover or in isolation, thinking about his lover.

21.   He soon feels guilty and takes on several household chores

An unfaithful husband will take on more work around the house to make up for his cheating habits.

As a result of his guilt, he might try to take on more responsibilities.

22.   His friends start distancing themselves from you

A sign that your husband is cheating is when his friends start avoiding you.

They will either feel guilty for hiding the secret or uncomfortable around you and will rather avoid speaking to you.

23.   He would soon start spending loads of time on new activities

A cheating husband will take on new hobbies or join new activities without sharing them with you.

He might spend a lot of time on these new hobbies rather than with you.

24.  He chooses to take out of town jobs more frequently

A husband that cheats will often take unnecessary tasks that take him out of the country or states.

He starts traveling frequently and might not give you a concrete reason for his impromptu trips.

25.  You notice a certain change in your intimacy

Is your husband no longer having sexual intercourse with you? Or has he stopped hugging and touching you in public or private.

 If you feel him drifting away, then there is a possibility he is having an affair.

26. When your husband brings home the scent of a woman’s perfume

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The scent of a woman’s perfume on your husband is a sign he might be cheating. You can confront him and solidify your claims if he fails to answer your question properly.

27.  Improved grooming practices are pointers towards a cheating husband

If your husband suddenly wakes up one day and begins to put extra care into his appearance, then there is a chance he is cheating.

28.  He would barely initiate date nights and special moments

The number of date nights and surprises your husband usually initiates will dwindle. He will no longer remember or celebrate anniversaries or other special moments.

29.  Excuses are a great no-no to a perfect marriage

He will fail to show up for events, back out of a plan and give excuses. If your husband starts frequently giving excuses that are not concrete, then he might be cheating.

30.  Changes in body language are also tell-tale signs

Changes in his body language are a great way to tell if your husband is cheating. If he starts avoiding or pulling away from your touches, then he might be stepping out on you.

Understanding the art of approaching a cheating husband

Most women escalate the brewing cheating issue when they probably approach their husbands about a noticeable characterization change. When cheating has been noticed, this is a point to adequately research and be sure about the conviction that he is cheating.

Falsely accusing your husband of cheating can create an unfixable rift in your marriage and bring about trust issues. So it is advisable to know when and how to approach your suspected cheating husband.

If you are assured of his cheating, you should decide your next move before you approach him.

If you want to file for divorce, the best option is to consult an attorney who would guide you on the next steps. However, if you’re going to take the bull by the horn, approaching him at a relaxed time is the best way to get him unawares.

At this point, he is relaxed and wouldn’t be able to provide an excuse.


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