How to Tell If Someone Is Fake: Signs of a Phony Person

How to Tell If Someone Is Fake: Signs of a Phony Person

Sign 1: They Come on Strong

Whereas relationships typically evolve at a natural pace, this phony person develops an interest in you out of nowhere. They initiate contact with you and then are eager to follow up. They seem to know more about you than vice versa. They point out amazing parallels in your lives. Coincidence? Nah. There’s a point to their making a connection with you. You’re just too flattered and overcome right now to know what it is yet.

Sign 2: They Are Intense People Pleasers

You’ll notice that your fake new buddy is a people pleaser, offering over-the-top compliments to ingratiate themselves to you. They ask you lots of questions but generate few definitive answers of their own. That’s because they are reluctant to state a decisive point of view, especially one that might conflict with yours.

Phony people endeavor to be all things to all people, and they are overeager to make others like them. They want to know what you think first, and then they agree with your perspective. However, when a person is afraid to commit to a belief system, that’s simply disingenuine—fake. People shouldn’t trust those who waffle on their core values. You may not have noticed it, however, because they manipulated you into doing a lot of the initial talking. (People love to talk about themselves—including you!) Stop and ask more questions.

Sign 3: They Are Big Braggarts and Enjoy Drama

Now that your fake new buddy has gained your confidence, they feel entitled to brag about themselves. They grab the spotlight in conversation and are eager to impress you. Because they’re insecure, they’ll boast, show off, and drop names. They’ll tell you directly what talents they are especially good at and will convey their strengths through stories. Watch for them to play the role of hero.

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As time goes on, pay attention to whether your fake buddy is too wrapped up in their own narrative that they don’t have enough concern for yours. For example:
Are they genuinely happy when you succeed?
Do they show jealousy over your success?
Do they betray confidences?
Do they have your back?
We are all self-interested to some degree, but a person who is authentic is the same on the outside as they are on the inside. How authentic are you?

Sign 4: They Spread Gossip

It’s not enough for your fake friend to build themselves up. They have to engage in character assassination when their targets aren’t available to defend themselves. They point out others’ personal flaws, spread gossip that may or may not be true, and add to interpersonal drama by keeping negative information and complaints actively churning.

Phony people may share stories in which they star as the victim and “an evil other” commonly stars as the villain. Remember though that if someone will gossip with you, they’ll gossip about you. It’s possible that one day you may be that “evil other” in their retold rumor.

Sign 5: They Exaggerate and Lie

You hear the same stories from your fake friend repeatedly, although they don’t realize how often they repeat themselves. Eventually, you start to notice the inconsistencies and even flat-out lies as they recount slightly different versions of the same self-promoting stories. If you then start to verify their stories or information behind the dropped names, you’ll likely find that substantial self-puffery is involved.

Sign 6: They Are Poor Listeners

Whereas authentic people ask a question because they want to know the answer, the phony person cannot be bothered to listen to the response. Asking is merely enough. They may give inappropriate reactions because they aren’t paying attention or move onto another question or conversation topic. They often don’t seem to be able to recall what you’ve said. Sorry, but they’re just not that interested.

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Is your fake friend really listening to you? Do they respond appropriately? Do they look bored or lost in thought? Can they recall what you said?

Alexas_Fotos via Pixabay, Free Domain

Sign 7: They Request Frequent Favors

Having found a willing comrade, the fake friend requests a small favor from you for information, access, or resources. The favor may even seem unusual given the length of your relationship. Then they follow it up with a series of other small requests that eventually escalate in significance until you’re their go-to source. They’re finally getting what they originally wanted.

Sign 8: It’s All for Their Convenience

Do you understand yet that the world revolves around your phony friend? When and where to meet, how you’ll be spending your time—it’s whatever is convenient for them. They make commitments and offer assistance but often don’t follow through unless there’s some advantage to be had.

Sign 9: They Disappear When Needed

When you find yourself in a real bind—for example, you’re moving across town, your husband leaves you, you break your leg, or need someone to petsit—that’s when your fake friend becomes very scarce. They’re suddenly crazy busy, disappearing when needed most.

When you find yourself in a real bind, that’s when your fake friend pulls a disappearing act.

Hans via Pixabay, Free Domain

Sign 10: They’re Emotionally Distant

To keep themselves from being emotionally vulnerable, the fake friend avoids sharing revealing personal details about themselves, particularly their own feelings. They may claim to never get mad, but seriously—no one is happy all of the time. If you look closely, you can tell that your phony pal tends to sport a fake smile rather than a genuine one. (Genuine smiles reach the crinkles of the eyes.)

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Sign 11: Their Body Language Speaks Volumes

A phony person may verbalize, “How fascinating!” as you describe your rock collection, but it’s their feet that will give them away. During conversation, the direction one’s feet are facing more than anything else reveals their true feelings of where they want to be. If their body is angled so that their feet are pointing towards an exit, for example, then that’s the direction they want to be headed in rather than engaging in the conversation with you. Most phonies don’t think to fake this part of their behavior.

Sign 12: They’ll Leave You When There’s a Better Deal

Phonies are users by definition. They want to be in the social orbit of those who can offer them information, access, or resources. As long as you can do that, you’ll be an attractive target for them. When there’s a better deal to be had, you’ll be dumped like yesterday’s garbage because you’re no longer useful. It’s nothing personal, although it certainly feels that way.
You can’t always avoid phony people, but you can learn the signs, thereby making yourself less prone to exploitation.

Summary of the Dirty Dozen: 12 Signs You’re Dealing with a Phony

As long as some people have what others want, there will be individuals who are willing to try to manipulate others by being inauthentic. Being fake or phony means that a person expresses attitudes, behaviors, and thoughts that aren’t truly their own just to make themselves seem similar to the target they’re trying to influence.

The best we can hope for is to be able to detect signs among potential business associates, dating partners, or friends that we’re dealing with a phony person. By knowing these signs, we can be alert to potential exploitation, set healthy and appropriate boundaries, and adjust our expectations for the relationship.


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