12 Little Things Men Secretly Adore About The Woman They Love

1. He loves the way he smiles when he thinks about you.

It doesn’t matter if he’s stressed out at work, stuck in traffic, or just bored scrolling through Facebook. If a man is lucky, he will have a woman come into his life who can make him smile without even being in the same zip code.

Just the thought of her or hearing her name will light him up like fireworks on the 4th of July. What’s not to love about that?

2. He loves when he makes you smile.

Have you ever noticed a guy who seemed to pick up momentum when he’s being funny? Even with a sorta-semi-funny sense of humor, he was definitely trying his best.

A man loves to see the woman in his life smiling, laughing, and having a good time. And even more, he loves to be the source of that smile, even if it means making dumb jokes for her to laugh at while spending time with her.

3. He loves being physically close to you.

Whether the two of you are cuddled up on the couch or standing next to each other waiting for your cab, a man loves being close to the woman in his life. It’s a great way to feel connected, feel comfortable, and feel good with someone both physically and emotionally.

But why are men attracted to women? Well, it’s hard to beat the feeling of the woman you care about laying on your chest or resting her head on your shoulder. Don’t ask me why, it’s just the science between men and women.

4. He loves when you play with his hair while he’s driving.

I wish I could give you a more scientific explanation for this, but all I can say is that it’s the best thing ever.

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5. He loves the way you smile after he kisses you.

You know that euphoric rush that comes over you when you kiss the right person? That feeling of endorphins and emotions that seem to take you over? That spark you feel when you kiss him or her?

Sometimes there’s no other reaction to that feeling than to just… smile. A smile attracts men and when you smile, men love it. In fact, it’s what men find most attractive in a woman.

6. He loves when he catches you looking at him.

Men, like anyone else, crave the feeling of being wanted. Many times, we’re the pursuers in a relationship and we feel as though we’re consistently trying to prove ourselves in order to get a woman’s attention, a first date, a second date… You get the idea.

When we’re with a woman who we feel really wants to be with us — who gives us the same affection and effort we give her and who we feel might just fall in love with us — there’s no better feeling in the world.

7. He loves when you do that funny little thing you probably don’t even know you do.

Maybe you crinkle your nose when you laugh, or maybe you hit him (softly) on the shoulder when you’re (a little) mad. Funny traits are things that men find attractive about you. Maybe you play with your hair when you get a little nervous.

Whatever it is, you may just do it naturally, but he notices — and it’s what he likes most about a woman’s body that’s not strictly physical.

He notices because that’s one of the many little things separating you from any other woman he’s ever met, and he loves it.

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8. He loves how natural things feel with you.

I was going to call this “He loves how he doesn’t have to try” to convey the idea that things should come easily, but obviously, every man (and woman) has to put in consistent effort and try to make a relationship work.

That said, two people can just be completely comfortable together and their relationship will feel natural, and sometimes things just happen that you don’t expect to feel.

They’ll be content, but not in a complacent, boring way. When a man is feeling content, in a way that makes you sigh a happy, deep sigh and look into each other’s eyes while thinking, “So, this is how it’s supposed to be,” that makes him love a woman deeply.

9. He loves going to you for advice.

When you really respect someone for who they are and the things they think, you value their opinions over the thoughts of others. You want to get their advice. You want to hear what they think about your latest conundrum. You want to get their input and perspective.

If the man in your life not only asks for your opinion but really takes it to heart and factors it into his decisions, take it as a great sign.

10. He loves when you get physical with him.

No, I don’t just mean in bed (although, no guy will complain about the woman in his life initiating things there). I’m referring to the little ways you show him affection.

Men love the random hugs, the random kisses on his cheek, the random hand on his knee while you’re sitting next to him, or the arm around him while you’re walking. These are things that, dare I say, are more intimate than sleeping together and are what men find sexually attractive.

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Any two people who are attracted to each other can jump into bed, but the smaller physical gestures are things you only do with someone you really care about. They’re things that literally connect the two of you together, combining your energy and making “you and me” into “us.”

11. He loves looking into your eyes.

Looking into another person’s eyes can be a little awkward. You’re not really sure where to look, which eye to look at, or if maybe you should just look at the bridge of their nose.

But not with you. When he looks into your eyes, any awkwardness dissipates and is replaced by excitement. It’s replaced by hope. It’s replaced by love — a love that can only grow between two people who open the windows to their souls and allow one to reach through embrace the other. A calm serenity that makes you want to hold your gaze, not turn away.

When a woman is right for a man — and I mean, when she is really right for him — there will never be a list long enough to explain all the things he loves about her.

There will never be a word strong enough to describe how he feels. There will never be a way for him to communicate how deeply he cares for her.

All he will be able to do when she asks him, “What’s that look for?” is smile, shake his head, and say, “Oh, nothing.” Because sometimes, that’s all he can muster.

But believe me, it’s just his way of telling you that no words will ever suffice, only loving you will.

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