15 Signs of a good friend you should trust today

Signs that a friend is trustworthy. 15 Signs of a good friend you should trust today.

No matter what happens, a good friend will be there for you.

No one, not even a close friend, will ever judge you.

A decent friend won’t make fun of you or intentionally hurt your feelings, but they may criticise you.
A good buddy shows you kindness and respect.

The companionship of a good friend is something you look forward to doing.
A loyal friend is one who is devoted to his or her companion.
Trustworthy and willing to give you the truth, even when it’s difficult to hear, a good friend is a valuable asset.

When you’re having fun, a good friend will join you.
A excellent buddy will be there for you and will lend a helping hand.
Someone who cares about you is a good friend.
When the going gets tough, a good friend will remain by you.

It’s impossible to resist the smile of a wonderful buddy!
Whenever you’re feeling down, a wonderful friend will console you.
When you make a mistake, a good buddy will let you know about it.

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In addition, a good friend shows concern for those who are close to them. If they don’t hear from you on a regular basis, they’ll call, text, or chat with you.
I think you’ve found a terrific friend in him.

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