9 Questions you need to ask him before accepting that Man in your life

9 Questions you need to ask him before accepting that that in your life

If you have been in and out of relationships, may this questions help you discern and find clarity in your love life. Sometimes all you need to do is ask the right questions. Many people are building a future with a married person or someone who is not done with their spouse but they don’t know because they never asked.

1. Are you single?
You need to find out everything about their relationship life. Don’t assume this, lest you get yourself caught up in a love triangle or a love square or octagon with someone you assumed was available.

2. Why did your previous relationship end?
Find out how if there is a pattern in his/her previous relationship?
What role he/she played in messing up?
Is he/she someone who blames others? Has the person healed and become better or are you about to become a rebound?

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3. What is the role of a man and a woman in marriage?
Some people have twisted views about gender roles in marriage, the work place and society. Don’t take yourself in a marriage where you will be uncomfortable just because of a spouse’s mindset.

4. Do you believe in love, marriage and family?
You must know this so that you don’t waste your time with someone whose goal is not long-term.

5. Do you believe in polygamy?
This is important especially for the ladies. Don’t get married to a pro polygamous man thinking in marriage you will be the only one.

6. Do you want children and what will happen if we can’t have any?
Don’t assume everyone who is getting married wants a child, marriage is not incomplete without children. Talk about this, if you two agree on having children, how many? Know what you are getting yourself into.

7. Do you have a relationship with God?
If your faith is important to you, ask this. Your faith influences your decisions and world view, commit to someone you agree in faith.

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8. What is your view towards s e x?
Someone with a twisted view towards s e x will most likely be a cheat, be casual about s e x or use you for s e x. Someone who sees s e x as evil and a taboo even in marriage will frustrate you. Someone who desires pure, real intimacy where the marriage bed is honoured is what you are looking for long-term.

9. What is your personal vision and dream?
This is important, your future spouse must have more to live for than marriage, s e x and kids. Find out the person’s personal vision and purpose and how it aligns to yours.


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  1. appreciate that thank you so much for sharing that and yes I believe those non-questions are very necessary and also a person and spirituality is a elevation for balance and Harmony just remember that individual coming together is also an individual way of looking at things having a comprehensive way of combining your life with someone else is also a good input just remember we have more to life than just thinking about just oneself.

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