10 Signs a man loves you and wants to be with you for the rest of his life

10 Signs a man loves you and wants to be with you for the rest of his life

1. He is a reliable and active participant in your life. He would be a continuous and active part of your life if a man actually cares about you and sees a future with you. A friendship is about more than just love. You must be certain that the man you are dating is consistent in his behavior toward you.

2. It is nearly the same to be married to your partner because you will both get to know one other better.

It also means he takes your relationship quite seriously and you are someone with whom he would like to settle.

You must, however, understand the main reason your partner wants you to move in before reaching any conclusions. For if you can split bills, the main reason for his proposal is to move together, you can’t be so sure it’s a sign he wants to settle with you.

3. There’s nothing so reassuring that you are with the person you love in times of difficulty. If a guy doesn’t hesitate to offer love, care and help even when things don’t work out well with you, it’s a good sign that he takes you seriously.
It means that you can always rely on him if you both end up together in the future. In addition, you both have a bigger connection that strengthens your relationship through tough times.
A man that sees a future for a long time, and wants to be with you, ought to be a shoulder you can weep. You should be able to share without hesitation your fears and concerns with him.

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4. It helps you to improve. A guy who is prepared to marry a woman really wants her to progress. Guys want their wives to repel them in a good way to help their wives improve. He wants your career, work, hobby or craft knowing always. Does he offer solutions to the challenges heavily affected you? Now I don’t mean to be good, judgmental and weak. Jealousy and competition are characteristics of NO-NO.

5. He’s going to miss you. When your man decides to make time to see you, you feel that nothing can stand in the way. He will follow through when he makes a pledge about his plans, and it’s a great sign. On the flip side, it means that you are not at the forefront of his mind if you always call for breaking plans. Someone who does this doesn’t feel engaged.

6. His parents are introduced to you. In any relationship, parents are the biggest hurdle because parents are just parents. They are an enormous part of his life and matter to his opinion.
If he wants you to meet with his parents, he’s proud of your person. He would like them to meet you and see what he sees in you. His parents will be connected to you as well, and act as you will be for some time.

7. Other women he didn’t chase. It is serious if you guy doesn’t pursue other women, if he’s true to you and if your relationship doesn’t hide from people. A person who reads for marriage won’t try to keep his choices open. He shows everyone you’re the landlady.

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8. A good sign that he wants to marry you is if he always keeps coming back to your company for more – when he keeps investing in you and the relationship by making sure you’re happy, even when you’re hard to deal with at times.

9. It is one thing when a person likes to be with you, when he likes to be with you and when he looks after you and makes sure you do well and meet your needs.
If he’s there for you and is constantly taking care of you for months and years, then he’s pleased that he’s caring for you and not just being with you.
After all, being with you doesn’t mean he’s there on a long-term basis; it’s a basic need, men can enjoy having your business without necessarily wanting to commit themselves to them.

It is only by focusing on making sure that you are happy, healthy, secure, that you realize that it’s not just fun.

10. You are acting as you are together already. You can often act as you are already married without a marking and rings if you have a dear understanding of what you expect of each other and when there is a healthy amount of mutual trust between you two.
When things develop naturally and without too much expectation between you, it seems that you have always been together.
You will be told by people you know that you look as though you were together ages.
You’re going to root your friends and secretly want to have a relationship like yours. They will even ask you how well you do it together, and you will be puzzled because most of the argument is meek.

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11. You’re always included when he says something in the future. Regardless of how many times he speaks of the future, he always wants your input. It’s another story whether he likes your input or not. It is a pretty good sign that you are in this lifelong relationship to believe that he wants to include you in some decision making.

12. His stuff is turning to your stuff. If you’re already not living together, he doesn’t mind you coming into his place. You are his highest priority. He won’t think twice before he cancels a dinner plan with someone you feel uncomfortable with.

13. He tries to know and impress your family. One of the foremost signs that he may want to settle down with you is when he goes out of his way to get to know your family and gets closer to them. He is respectful to your parents, and tries to gain your parents’ respect and trust, which could be the next logical step.


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