4 Signs He Is Ignoring You For Someone Else

1. He cancels plans with you
As the popular belief goes, when a girl cancels the date she has a good reason, but when a guy does the same it means he is probably seeing someone on the side.

It’s no full-proof method to check his commitment towards you because sometimes things in life are not just black and white.

But when he cancels dates with you last-minute and rarely has any good reason to do so, you should be cautious. Use your better judgment to know if he really has good enough reasons to cancel on you and consider it a red flag when he does this frequently.

The reasons he cancels a plan with you could be:
He is bored of interacting with you
He is interested in someone else
He has a genuine reason like a family emergency
He developed cold feet in the last moment

2. He is not as responsive to calls and texts as before
If you find him harder to get hold of if you are constantly being pushed to his voice mail if he is taking longer to return your texts and calls within a reasonable amount of time it’s a tell-tale sign that he is ignoring you for someone else.

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When someone ignores you on text it’s hard to accept it. But before jumping to conclusions ask him what’s going on and pay close attention to his answers too.

Is he telling you this?
Work has got hectic. (Give him the benefit of doubt)
I always call you back. (Does he?)
You call and text too much I can’t keep up. (Are you doing that?)
I understand when you are busy, I will expect you to do the same

3. He is not interested in sex
Whether it’s about the sex, foreplay, kissing, cuddling and PDAs if you are used to a certain pattern of his moves and frequency of physical intimacy and suddenly find it decreasing significantly then you should be worried.

Talk to him about this to straighten things out, it could be due to medical reasons or if it’s not, then something is definitely not right. This is an absolute sign that he is ignoring you with a purpose.

If he is doing this you have reason to worry
If you brush your fingers on him he recoils
Whenever there is a possibility of you getting intimate he avoids the situation
He says he doesn’t feel like getting physical and blames you for that
Even when he is making love you feel something is missing

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4. He asks you to “stop acting paranoid”
If he tried to manipulate you by ruling out your concerns as paranoia and makes you feel even more insecure about the relationship, then don’t close your eyes. It is a red-flag indeed.

A good partner who is as invested in the relationship as you are would try to talk things out to clear out your concerns and he would certainly not blame you for having doubts.

A sensible boyfriend listens to you, addresses the issue and tries to reach a mutual understanding. If he is not doing any of these, he is probably not interested to work things out with you as he has his mind in some other place.

Is he doing any of this?
Blaming your possessiveness and insecurity
Never listens to you and comes up with his own reasons
You can’t reach him on phone and he doesn’t tell you where he is
He hangs out with the guys a lot
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5. You are no longer his priority
He is ignoring me
You are no longer his priority

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If he shows concern for you one day and next day acts aloof if you no longer know where you stand with him, if he suddenly feels the need to have more space in the relationship, if he gets defensive whenever you ask him about his whereabouts and keeps you away from his friends, knows for sure something isn’t right and he is hiding something.

When the boyfriend stops making you the priority and the relationship feels frustrating, he is either hiding an alien in his garage or hooking up with another girl. And statistics say it’s almost always the second one!

If he is doing this he has someone else:
Has stopped making plans with you
Answers you with monosyllables
Rarely says the three-letter word
Gets irritated easily
If you are worried about how the relationship is going and your boyfriend no longer cares about you like he used to then remind yourself that you deserve more. Yes, walking away hurts, but investing your time and energy on someone who is not worthy of you is even worse.


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