6 Things You Should Do If You Can’t Stop Thinking About Him

1. Stop overthinking everything.
First and foremost: Put. The. Phone. Down.

At first glance, your Galaxy S8 does not appear to be a trap in the traditional sense.

It isn’t surrounded by claws that will close around your wrist if you try to type a text.

There is no hunk of cheese that will entice you to become entangled in a poisonous sticky pad. And you’re unlikely to trip a trip wire while walking around with it.

However, going through old conversations with a fine-tooth comb can—and, if done for a long enough period of time, will—set you up for a stressful series of nonstop thoughts about this guy.

Few things in life are as simple as becoming fixated on the written word.

Weak tones and inflections in text make it extremely easy to interpret too much into a message (or the period between communications). Your conversation history isn’t going to be deleted if you don’t want to block his number.

Take a break from those shared speech bubbles, however, and it should help you preserve your composure and remain composed.

2. Make a date with yourself
A typical movie theater does not require you to purchase two tickets.

As far as I know, the same holds true for basketball games, city zoos, plays, and wherever else you’ve always wanted to take him.

So, if you’re a fan of rom-coms and rhinos, why not treat yourself to a viewing?

There is nothing wrong with riding alone in public places.

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Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING!

The new Thai fusion restaurant down the block doesn’t require a guy, and sure, you have every right to watch the Knicks and Nets game without him.

This is your chance to go on that one-woman date you’ve been dreaming of.

3.Connect with your social circle
As a result of your attraction to this guy, has your closest friend been given the accidental cold shoulder by you?

Your group as a whole, how do you feel about it?
Your roommate’s visage seems to be a whole haze in your mind.
No need to worry, you’re not alone.

And in my own case I’ve been guilty of favoring a hot new guy over my best pals, who have stood by me through a number of painful dating experiences.

It all boils down to a question of commitment.

Many of us get caught up in romance’s enticing allure because our friends have repeatedly demonstrated that they will always be there to pick up the pieces when things stop looking so rosy.

Instead of focusing your efforts on devising an elaborate scheme or writing an emotionally charged message to win him back, channel them into ensuring that your closest friends know how much you love them and appreciate every ounce of support they send your way.

4.Get a chance to see your family
Everyone wants more time with you, not just your buddies.

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Were you unable to recall your own roommate’s face? Then I’ll wager your sibling or favorite cousin has been waiting patiently or very, very eagerly to have lunch with you.

When you’re preoccupied by someone else, it’s easy to forget about the people you rely on for support in order to focus on making the relationship work.

Despite the fact that you adore them and like being around them at all times, your attachments are already strong and enduring.

The one you’re trying to build with a man who hasn’t responded in over a week, on the other hand, is the polar opposite.

Take a weekend trip to see your mother instead of filling your mind with the various what-ifs that arise when this guy is constantly on your mind.

Put on an apron and help your father make cauliflower pizza. Pick up the phone (you have my full permission to do so) and dial your cousin’s number!

Strengthening your family bonds will undoubtedly help you forget about him.

5. Put extra effort into your work.
Give your workstation a nice, long, hard look. Probably filled with half-finished assignments, half-empty coffee cups, and ideas that have yet to come to reality, it’s likely to be overflowing.

If your career has been overshadowed by this guy, it’s time to get back on track.

Your manager and supervisors should know that you have the ability to see what initiatives may be made to set the organization up for success.

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Most higher-ups will interpret this as a clear indication that you deserve a raise. Is your office still using a decades-old filing system that needs to be replaced?

Could a new section in the magazine for which you write be beneficial? Who knows, maybe pitching new ideas will push him out of your mind and put more money in your pocket.

6.Don’t forget to be yourself
This is by far the most crucial tip. Romantic and sexual connections cause us to lose ourselves.

That which we pursue consumes us; that which we are in a relationship consumes us; and the end does everything it can to consume us. This is not the case with you.

You’re a smart guy. Mature. Determined. Focused. Funny. Friendly. Kindness. Compassion. Compassionate. … and sure, you are lovable.

However this guy feels about you, you have a ton of excellent attributes that work in your advantage regardless of his feelings.

In order to show their presence, you don’t need a man, and he shouldn’t be the one encouraging you.

As a result, take some time to reflect on your personality and interests as well as where you envision yourself in 5, 10, or 50 years.

We needn’t bother with a single thought of him.


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