5 Ways to Tell Your Best Friend You’re in Love With Him

1. Declare your affection for him.
Simply declaring your affection for your best buddy is one of the ways you can tell him you love him. It’s important to remember that love isn’t a game that can be played safely.

You have to put everything on the line and hope for the best. We will lose the gamble more often than we would want to acknowledge, but the prize of being with someone you love is worth the risk. The best and worst parts of it are that you can’t be safe and love at the same time. As a result, you must take a chance and inform your best buddy about your feelings.

He’ll probably tell you the same thing. We can see you giggling already.

2. Create a grand proposal.
You can plan a detailed proposal if you have an inkling of their feelings for you. You already know them well, so you won’t have to worry about offending them or doing something they’ll find unappealing when you tell them about your feelings.

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He may even have told you how he wishes he could be wooed, so you have a guide provided by the very person. Use that as a guide. When you tell him you’ve fallen for him, use your best friend status to your advantage.

3. Go ahead and try it out.
I’m referring to the non-kinky exploration. Make an effort to flirt with him. Don’t forget to compliment him on how great a date he’ll be. Keep an eye on him to see how he reacts.

His reaction should give you a solid notion of how he feels about the concept of looking at you romantically. If you keep dropping hints in this manner, he could just figure it out one day, and you’ll be able to get to the point once he begins to reciprocate the suggestions.

4.Are you head over heels for your best friend? Don’t worry about anything!
Look at him, he’s never seen you like this before. Even if he did, he’s unsure of how he feels or what would happen. If you come out as overly assertive—flirting excessively, being overtly desperate for a relationship—you’ll sabotage the whole affair.

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This is a huge step for any friendship to take. There are too many things on the line when it comes to your friendship with him, so put the brakes on and go carefully.

Do the things you’ve always done as a couple. Spending time with friends and going on weekend excursions. Make him feel at ease. You can turn him off if you suddenly start acting coy.

5.You’ll be able to seek assistance.
It’s safe to say that your best friend is socially superior to you. These people are an untapped resource that you might make use of in your attempt to come clean with him. If you’re afraid to bring it up yourself, confide in a buddy who you know won’t be able to keep the information to themselves.

Or, ask him how he feels about you. That’s how June broke the news to her close pal. I just heard from a mutual friend that June has been somewhat possessive of him lately. That was the clincher.”

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Except if the two of you are buddies, you’ll have to get creative. Every now and then, one of these folks will divulge your feelings to your closest friend. As a result, be cautious with the phrases you choose to use and conduct thorough research before sharing it with others. Spying on your best buddy may not be ethical, but since you’re doing it to keep your friendship safe, you get a pass.

Regardless of whether your closest friend reciprocates your sentiments, you owe it to the friendship to make an effort to see whether there’s anything there. You may have to put a significant part of your future well-being at stake, but the rewards would be unlike anything else.



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