What Does It Mean When a Guy Keeps Calling You Wifey?

Guys addressing females aswifey
When a man refers to a woman as his wifey, it usually indicates that the two have a strong bond.

The term “wifey” is used by millennials to refer to their best friend if he believes that the bond he has with the girl is the strongest he has ever had.

In some ways, it also means respect.

When a guy refers to you as wifey, it may imply that he will treat you as well as he does his wife.

It may sound awkward, but he definitely has a crush on you somewhere deep within his heart.

It is unclear whether or not their actions are similar, but there is romance hidden in some corners of his heart.

“Wifey” is a term used by females to refer to other females.
What does it really mean when a girl refers to you as “wifey”? You and she both know you’re straight.

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Is she becoming a lesbian as a result of this? Hmm…

Most likely not!

These days, straight girls frequently use the term “wifey.”

If you hear one girl refer to another as “wifey,” it simply means that they are best friends.

When I spoke with a coworker, he mentioned that his ex and her friends referred to each other as “wifey” when they were doing their girl-thing together. It sounded fun at first, but it quickly became annoying!

Perhaps this is one of the factors that distinguishes girls from women! Whatsay?

The Decision
What I also believe is that when someone refers to you as “wifey,” it demonstrates the level of closeness you two share.

Perhaps someone without a romantic partner uses the term to refer to a close friend.

If you think being called wifey is strange, immature, or even annoying, limit it to friends or best buddies.

This is your life. Have your way with it!


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