10 Ways to know your relationship is dead without you knowing

10 Ways to know your relationship is dead without you knowing

A dead-end relationship is one that will waste your time, energy and efforts both physically and spiritually and will not end in marriage despite your positive efforts.

It is therefore seen as a fruitless, effort wrecking, time wastage relationship.

As we know, a Christian relationship is always aimed at marriage.

A Relationship must be mutual! It must therefore exhibit mutual love. Love here is what you do and not just what you say.

If you are in a relationship, and you are the only one that must call him/her or send messages every time and will only pick your calls or reply your messages only when he/she likes or will always give excuses for not having time to contact you! And won’t call or message you until you call again?

Please don’t call that a relationship, you are trading your joy or the peace that should be in your future marriage and home if you assume a relationship.

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If a man/lady loves you, he or she must wish to hear your voice or hear from you time to time. He/She must wish to see you time to time too. Don’t try to make that kind of relationship work by force. If your experience in the relationship is not mutual, forget it.

That you receive correctly does not mean a relationship will lead to marriage, or that you must marriage the person at all cost. This is the age of understanding.

If a partner is not ready to obey God and run a godly relationship, the relationship may not lead to marriage.

If a partner is not ready to plan and prepare a good future marriage and home with you, its a good sign that he is not ready for marriage.

These are great signs:
©No fear of God or vision to please God.
©Too low or no communication.
©No good future plans together.
©No or low concern about you or your career and future.
©If you notice to much closeness with a particular opposite friend. If you can’t be sure he or she is not in another relationship.
©If he or she is not opened enough.
©If you don’t share same belief of s’e’x’u’a’l purity.

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©No peace of mind.
©You’re being cheated on again and again.
@You’re being abused or beaten up once in a while.
@Regularly apologies but keep repeating of the same again and again.
©Deep down you know the relationship not working but you’re finding hard to accept it.
©Everything you’re doing shows you’re dating yourself in the relationship.

If you see these signs, the relationship may not lead to marriage, it will eventually hit a dead end.

A partner that want to marry you will be concerned about you in all ramification. Quit! If you didn’t see reasonable changes and stop wasting your time.


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