15 Tips to Help You Be a Better Wife

1. Be exceptional.
Make yourself a rare gem for your husband. You don’t have to be physically attractive. Simply possess personal qualities that are uncommon in women, if not in all of humanity, such as honesty, compassion, humility, loyalty, and consistency. When you possess these essential characteristics, you will not only be a better wife, but also the best wife for your husband.

2. Make it easier to trust you.
Your husband may genuinely love and care for you, and he will put his trust in you every day. However, if he consistently discovers you lying and breaking promises, he will find it difficult to trust you. Be a better wife by practicing honesty at all times. Demonstrate to your husband that you are trustworthy. Return your husband’s love by making it simple for him to trust you.

3. Have faith in your husband.

Give your husband some room to breathe and trust him. Allow him to sense not only that he is loved, but also that he is trusted.

4. Give up the nagging.
“It is better to live on a corner of the roof than to share a house with a quarrelsome wife,” Proverbs 25:24 says. Stop nagging and being a grumpy wife if you want to be a better wife. Rather, be a peacemaker and provide your husband and children with a sense of security.

5. Make an effort to please your husband.
Always consider how you can make your husband happy if you want to be a good wife. However, if you want to be a better wife, do something that will make your husband extremely happy. Thoughts are important, but actions are far more important.

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Make every effort to please your husband. Prepare his favorite dish. Give him a gift as a surprise. Massage him to make him feel better. And, in your bedroom, try to make your husband’s fantasies come true.

6. Make an effort to be happy for yourself.
You may see your husband happy, but if he notices you’re down, his joy will be dashed, especially if he loves you. As a result, do something to satisfy yourself as well as your husband. But what are your options?

Open your mind and start experimenting with things you haven’t tried before. For example, if your husband enjoys watching Marvel and DC movies but you don’t, give them a shot. Find out more about the characters. It will be more enjoyable to watch the characters and their stories if you are more familiar with them.

Furthermore, do not allow your husband to be content in the bedroom by himself. This matrimonial gift must be enjoyed by both of you. Discover new things. Make an effort to learn sexual positions that will make you happier. If your husband sees that you’re happy and enjoy it, it will make him happier and boost his morale.

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7. Exercise self-control.
Several good virtues are born from self-control. It assists you in breaking bad habits. It assists you in achieving your goals in your career, business, and life in general. It keeps you from being impolite. It protects you from illness. It shields you from sin. It softens your heart. It keeps you from injuring your husband, children, or yourself.

8. Be a gracious and generous wife.
Stop keeping track of who is winning and who is losing in your relationship. Stop whining just because you contribute more than your husband does. Yes, you have the right to object, but isn’t love about giving without expecting your partner to reciprocate?

To be a better wife, you must be generous, which means giving cheerfully. And do you understand the distinction between blessing and grace? A blessing is something you get because you worked hard for it and deserve it. Grace, on the other hand, is something you get even if you don’t deserve it.

Be a gracious wife by loving your husband even when he doesn’t deserve it at times.

9. Be a better in-law daughter.
Honor and respect your husband’s parents. Pay them a visit and speak with them. Make friends with them. Have some fun with them. Remember that as their son’s wife, you are already considered their daughter and an important member of their family.

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10. Be a better in-law sibling.

Of course, you should also consider caring for your husband’s siblings. They are now your brothers and sisters as well. Be courteous and friendly to them. Engage in dialogue with them. Don’t be afraid to ask for their assistance or to assist them if they require it. Take note that your family is already growing.

11. Make sound financial decisions.
Learn how to create a budget, understand your household expenses, find ways to earn more money, and build an emergency fund because you will most likely be the one handling the money. Don’t waste your money on frivolous purchases. Be thrifty with your money to protect your family during bad weather.

12. Be a helpful wife.
Know your husband’s ultimate goals and encourage him to achieve them, especially if they will provide a better future for your family.

13. Try not to embarrass your husband.

Keep your husband’s honor and dignity in tact. Be a woman she can be proud of, not one she is ashamed of. Demonstrate modesty and decency. Avoid committing scandalous acts. Keep in mind that as husband and wife, you now have the same reputation.

14. Be respectful to him.

Respect his beliefs and principles. As a man, you should respect your husband. Respect your wedding vows.

15. Be dependable.
Maintain your commitment at all times.


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