These 18 Signs of a heart breaker

These 18 Signs of a heart breaker

If you don’t want to end up with a heart breaker or cheater, you have to study them very well, those heart breakers normally show us what’s coming.

Recently I have been privileged to speak to some wonderful ladies who have been victims of intentional “heart breakers”. Their stories are heart breaking. Don’t get me wrong, there are also female heart breakers. But today I’m talking about the male versions.

These guys leave ladies heartbroken, shattered and think that every guy is like that. My darlings if you know what is good for you, please avoid guys like these like a plague. Here are some of the signs.

1. If he’s asking and insisting for sex before he can marry you, my sister shine your eyes.

2. A heartbreaker doesn’t want to commit to you. He/she doesn’t want to make things official with you. He or she doesn’t want you to think that he/she is really going to invest himself into the relationship with you. You can’t just spot an heartbreaker with giving no sign of commitment in a relationship, to him or her commitment is a taboo.

3. Always living on you and contributing little or nothing. Using your car, asking for money, you pay for his food, wash his clothes, etc

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4. A heartbreaker sees nothing wrong with flirting with other opposite sex. It just goes to show that he or she is still keeping options open. He or she may give excuse like, that’s how I am, it’s nothing, no strings attached and all. Once you see your partner finds it easy to flirt with other opposite sex just know he or she doesn’t give any damn to you and you are likely to be heartbroken at last.

5. He doesn’t want anyone to know about the relationship Or just a few people to know including his own relatives. Beware.

6. A heartbreaker doesn’t joke with his or her phone, you can never access it. Not even when the phone is ringing, you can never even see his or her phone rings, it’s usually on silent. If you mistakenly try to use his or her phone, no matter the distance he or she is, running to stop you from accessing the phone will be done within a twinkle of an eye. There are many calls a heartbreaker cannot pick in the presence of his or her friend, he or she may claim to you that the reason for not picking is not to call distraction to you guys nice time together or say all sorts of lies. Lying is usual not far from the lips of a heartbreaker.

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7. His friends are not the type of people you will like to hang around. That is they are serial liars and heart breakers.

8. Dating you for a long time and “posting” you about when you will get married. Hmmnn. He might be a time waster.

9. He doesn’t make an effort to communicate with you. He doesn’t try to connect with you. He doesn’t try to establish a bond with you. He doesn’t try to build intimacy with you because he’s not really looking to have a serious relationship with you.

10. His social media handles have little or nothing about him.

11. He doesn’t keep his promises with you. He doesn’t care about the impression that you have on him. He doesn’t care that you get disappointed with him. He doesn’t care about your feelings in general.

12. Your instincts are telling you that something is off. You should always be able to trust your gut. Your instincts are there to protect you. Your instincts are looking out for you when you are being blinded by your own feelings.

13. He tries to isolate you from friends and families.

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14. Finds faults with every girl he has dated. He is never at fault.

15. They avoid accountability. Since a serial heartbreak has no interest whatsoever in seriously investing in your relationship, they’ll usually avoid accountability for their mistakes and bad decisions.

All they want is to keep things between you casual, light, and fun, and engaging in emotional confrontations about their (wrong) actions isn’t on their list.
If you confront them or tell them they did something that hurt you, they’ll try to brush it off or change the subject, and won’t even consider changing their behavior or apologizing for their actions.

16. It is always about him and his plans.

17. He moves very quickly with marriage proposals and probably gives you a ring, shows you off. That is not enough proof of love. Trust me, he’s doing that so you can let your guard down for him.

18. They’re all charm, no meaningfulness. One of the reasons so many people are attracted to heartbreakers is that they are incredibly charming. They’re usually very attractive, have a way with words, and know exactly how to sweep you off your feet. However, if you look closely enough, you can see that in reality, they’re all charm, but no meaningfulness.


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