7 Texts that will make him miss you more

7 Texts that will make him miss you more

Invest your time in knowing about the little things that matter to him. How does he start his day? What interests him, what lights his face up? If you make the effort, you’d know exactly what he wants from you and you’d be able to make him miss you the moment you are away from him.

1. Send him a suggestive and provocative text message. Of course, you always want to be enticing your man in whatever means possible. That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid of getting suggestive and provocative with him whenever you text him. It’s going to give him something to look forward to until you meet each other next. For instance, you can text him something like, “Hey, I can’t wait for when you get home from work today. I’m going to have a surprise ready for you.” That’s a very simple message that will give him a lot of excitement to see you. how to make him miss me.

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2. Give him praise and adoration. Never be withholding of praise and adoration for your partner. Don’t be afraid to use texting as a platform for you to tell him just why you’re so attracted to him.

3. Give him the challenge to work towards. Try to challenge him once in a while. Remember that guys are always going to want to fight for the love that they have in life. It makes the love more meaningful and valuable. He doesn’t always just want it to be served on a silver platter. That’s why you should challenge him with your texts. Make him feel like he has to earn your love. A message like, “Hey, I’m looking forward to our next date. You better make sure to plan a good one.” This kind of message is very playful in nature but it makes him feel like you need to be someone he takes seriously.

4. Don’t text him for a bit. Try to not text him for a bit. That’s right. Try not to send him a text message at all. Sometimes, the best way to just make him miss you is to just stop getting into contact with him altogether. A lot of times, really being able to isolate himself with his own thoughts would be really good for him to develop a better appreciation for you.

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5. Support him in his use of space. If he’s going out with his friends without you, then make him feel supported. If he’s going out of town for a really big business meeting, then wish him luck. Always try to support him instead of bombarding him with so many questions and queries about who he’s with and what he will be doing.

6. Have a signature. Always have a signature that will remind him of you. It could be a signature dialogue, scent or even your favourite food or superhero.

7. Use social media as your weapon. Keep posting updates or post pictures of yourself on social media. Post parts of your life that you want him to see. He is definitely stalking you online and you can use that to your advantage.

Show your fun and cool side. Upload some great photos of yourself. Make him realize what he will miss if he is not a part of your life. Show him that you are worth the chase.


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