8 Advice for College and University Students in Long-Distance Relationships

1. Support each other’s academic efforts.
As students, you should provide academic support to one another. Never be the cause of a subject failure in your partner. You should do everything you can to help the person succeed if you care about him or her. It’s important to keep in mind that education is equally important, and if you truly love someone, you should never drag them.

2. Stay in touch at all times.
Communication is essential in any relationship, which is why it is critical to stay in touch at all times. Because we live in such a technologically advanced era, communication is no longer a problem thanks to the internet and easy-to-use social media applications. You can send each other small updates throughout the day, but never while in class!

3. Don’t forget to have a catch-up talk at the end of the day.
It’s important to talk to your partner at least once or twice a day, so make sure to have an end-of-the-day catch-up talk when the day is done. This is your chance to talk about what happened at school during the day as well as catch up on each other’s activities. Make an effort to be involved in your loved one’s daily life, even if you are a long distance away.

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4. It wouldn’t hurt to pay a visit.
It doesn’t hurt to pay each other a surprise visit now and then, so don’t deny each other physical contact. Why don’t you get something nice, book a ride, and go see your loved one if you have enough money? Because no amount of money in the world can ever replace the smile on your partner’s face when you arrive after a long day at school. That smile is priceless.

5. Send as many care packages as you possibly can.
A care package is a box filled with everything your partner enjoys. It could be a box of cupcakes, a sweatshirt you like to wear, a collection of his or her favorite music albums, or even a photo album! Sending a care package to your partner is like sending a big box full of love to show that even a few miles can’t separate you from your love.

6. Be your partner’s biggest supporter.
If your partner participates in any extracurricular activities, be his or her biggest supporter! Even if you’re thousands of miles away, don’t be afraid to jump in and cheer! If you won’t be able to watch any of your partner’s games, have someone record them for you or call them right before they compete. Morale is a powerful motivator! Nothing says “I love you” to your partner like a firm “I believe in you.”

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7. When it comes to time, be patient.
It’s understandable that one of you, or even both of you, will be extremely busy due to schoolwork at some point. In long-distance relationships, being understanding is a virtue. There may be times when you are unable to communicate with each other due to busy schedules, but keep in mind that you both have your own career paths to shape, and not being able to do so at times can pay off in the long run. Remember to always be supportive of one another!

8. Allow each other to have a good time in college.
You’re both still in your twenties, so take advantage of the college experience! Even if you’re in a relationship, don’t prevent your partner from experiencing new things. You don’t want to end up being too clingy, so don’t stop your partner from hanging out with his or her friends. Put your faith in your partner, loosen up a little, and have fun!


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