10 Crucial Dating Advices for Young Women

1. Let Go of It
Aren’t you familiar with the iconic theme song from Disney’s “Frozen”? If you haven’t already, do so right now!

When I’m feeling clouded, frustrated, or lost, I listen to this song over and over.

Sometimes all I need to feel better is to scream “let it go, let it go!” at the top of my lungs.

But it’s not just the song that’s catchy; it’s the sentiment of ‘letting go’ that really resonates with me.

Consider this dating advice: it’s sometimes better to just let it go. You’re in your adolescent years, so don’t take yourself too seriously because tomorrow will bring new opportunities.

So, the next time your dating life gets you down, remember to seize your youth and make the most of it!

2. Inward beauty is preferable to outward beauty.
This is a crucial one, ladies, so don’t overlook it!

Dress yourself in the splendor that comes from within. Keep the fruits of patience, love, joy, kindness, and humility close to your heart and treasure them.

Because it’s not what you look like on the outside that counts. Your hair, clothes, and makeup are all transient, and will vanish from one day to the next.

People will remember you (and this obviously includes your dating partner) based on your character and how you made them feel, not on how you styled your hair or what brand of clothes you bought.

If someone offends you, instead of being angry, be kind and forgiving.

The decisions you make in your dating life will affect the rest of your life. This is a lesson I only learned after making numerous mistakes.

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Make an effort to be beautiful on the inside, and it will show on the outside!

3. Receiving vs. Giving
There’s some exciting news! Relationships are all about our ability to put others’ needs ahead of our own. Giving is always preferable to receiving.

This appears to be a simple phrase, but it encapsulates the truth on so many levels! It’s especially crucial when it comes to dating.

Giving brings more joy and happiness to your dating life than seeking only to receive. Giving, not receiving, is what love is all about. <3

4. Maintain a stout chin
This dating advice for teenagers should be carried with you at all times. Keep your head held high!

Girls are resilient, strong, beautiful, and powerful.

Remember your worth, especially when it comes to dating. If you don’t consent or agree with what a date wants to do or say, never be afraid to simply say “no.”

Never lose sight of your strength and worth as a young woman, an individual, and a human being.

The phrase “keep your chin up” reminds us girls to stay strong and steadfast even in the face of adversity (such as heartbreaks).

5. Have faith in yourself
Have faith in yourself.

In the same way that dating advice #9 (lead with your heart) requires you to have faith and trust in your own decisions and choices, trusting yourself does.

Girls are frequently misrepresented as emotional and irrational in the dating world, and we even have the stigma of the “crazy, ex-girlfriend.”

It’s critical to have faith in yourself so that you don’t fall prey to stereotypes about girls and romance.

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Trust yourself to make the best decision possible, and put your faith in others wisely.

6. Is It Too Late To Apologize?
Do you consider yourself a Belieber? Whether you like Justin Bieber or not, I think we can all agree that his song “Sorry” has a universal appeal.

I must admit, Justin Bieber has some sound dating advice for adolescent girls.

It’s critical to recognize the importance of saying “sorry” in our relationships. If we do something wrong to someone else, we must apologize.

Just admit it if you know you need to apologize. It will be the first step on the road to recovery.

Learning to say sorry when you need to is essential for maintaining a healthy relationship.

7. Never Kiss & Tell Gossip, because it’s just what girls do, right?! Wrong! Girls do gossip, however that doesn’t mean you have to gossip just because you’re a girl.

In fact, I would strongly advise you to avoid gossip whenever possible. This is especially true when it comes to gossip about boys, crushes, and dating!

“Kiss and tell” is a surefire way to spread rumors. It’s not always a good idea to reveal who you kissed, where you kissed them, why you kissed them, and so on.

Someone you didn’t want to know might find out, which can lead to unwelcome or unnecessary drama.

Isn’t it true that girls don’t need any more drama in their lives? #sassy #dramaqueens

8. Be yourself
Last but not least, my finest example of serious dating advice for all you teenage girls is to just be honest!

Simply being yourself entails having no hidden agendas, prerogatives, or false fronts, no comparing yourself to other women, and no fantasizing about your ideal beach body, among other things.

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That’s not going to happen.

Embrace yourself completely. Yes, this entails embracing your nerdy side or eccentric personality!

Explore your likes, dislikes, wants, needs, and desires without feeling embarrassed.

Every experience, good or bad, leads to personal growth–and yes, that which include good relationships, bad relationships, and plain devasting heartbreaks.

9. Take the initiative by following your heart.
It’s not easy to be a great leader.

However, you can rest assured that inspirational people tend to make decisions based on their hearts.

Some call it intuition, while others call it heart, but whatever you call it, know that logic and reason aren’t always the best mix when it comes to dating.

After all, love isn’t a rational emotion!

10. Sisters Before Misters
“Sisters before misters,” one of my best – loved expressions, is a sophisticated way of reminding ourselves that our true friends should take precedence over our cute boy crush.

Don’t be fooled, this is especially difficult to achieve. It’s easier said than done!

When you first start dating your new “bae,” it’s difficult to focus on anything but that person.

It’s always a good idea to prioritize spending quality time with your sisters (aka your besties).

It’s as simple as inviting your friends over for coffee at a cute café or encouraging them over for a fun sleepover.

Developing long-lasting, positive relationships with your girlfriends is just as important as developing a relationship with your dating partner.

Remember, it’s all about finding the right balance.



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