7 Things you should stop doing in your relationship starting from today

7 Things you should stop doing in your relationship starting from today

Making a relationship work takes perseverance, cooperation, and wisdom. No partner nor relationship is perfect, but with your joint effort, what you have can last a lifetime. It is not too late for your relationship. Both of you should be willing to let go of the baggage that keeps your relationship heavy to bear. Then, be willing to make things right by doing the right things.

1. Doing things that can provoke your partner’s jealousy or anger. If you want to avoid fights, then you have to find out the usual reasons for your lovers’ quarrels and do something to avoid them. For instance, if you know your partner does not want you to stay out too late with friends, then do not do it. You can still go out with your buddies without going home late anyway. If you were in his/her shoes, you would also be paranoid worrying something bad might happen or fearing that your partner could be with someone else during the wee hours.

As partners, you should intentionally talk about the things you like and dislike. If you want this relationship to work, then both of you need to be cooperative.

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2. Being suspicious of your partner. Without trust, a relationship will not last long. You do not want to stay with a person you do not trust, right? You need to stop thinking that your partner is lying or cheating on you just because you experienced being cheated on in your past relationships.
So that both of you will have peace of mind, make a deal that you will stop asking malicious questions or making suspicious comments about the whereabouts of your partner and who you are with when you are not together.

3. Bringing up past issues every time you fight. Fights and failures between partners are normal. However, if you cannot forgive and let go of the mistakes of each other even after making up, then your relationship will not move forward. You will always be bound by the past, and trust issues will be hard to overcome.
Love does not keep records of wrong. Show that you have moved on from an L.Q.  by not bringing it up when you have a new fight. Yes, it is hard to forget, but at least get over it.

4. Invading the privacy of each other. Although exchanging phone and social media account passwords is already common in relationships, this is still improper. Even if you are a couple, you need to keep your privacy as an individual. Prying into your partner’s personal activities is a sign that you do not trust him/her.

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If you want to improve the trust in your relationship, try doing this. This can stop you from being paranoid about your partner’s faithfulness. This will result in a more peaceful relationship.

5. Trying to change him/her to be your ideal partner. Encouraging your partner to grow up from his/her bad habits is a different thing from pressuring him/her to change his/her character. If you are pushing your partner to be someone s/he is not just to fit into your world is unacceptable. An example would be forcing him/her to take a career path that you think is cool but is actually different from his/her passion.
Love a person not for what s/he is, but for who s/he is. Allow each other to freely express yourselves when you are together. You need to be true to yourself and each other.

6. Suggesting breakup of every misunderstanding. Never ever call for a breakup if you do not mean it. If you really love your partner and you cannot afford to lose him/her, then do not break up with him/her just because you are mad. Then what? The next day you would call and apologize and get back together? If you keep on doing this every fight, there would come a time that it would be hard to get him/her back because s/he is already tired.

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Be mature in handling conflicts. Try to fix things without letting your emotion do the talking. Be careful what you wish for, or you might end up regretting over the “one that got away”.

7. Being clingy and jealous of everyone else. Demanding too much time from each other and commanding all attention to yourself is among the top reasons why a relationship becomes toxic. Both of you need to understand that your social life includes family, friends, and society too. You cannot stop each other from seeing other people, including those of the opposite sexxx.

Your relationship should mold you both to be holistically mature. Instead of being clingy, why not encourage each other to balance your social time for your families, friends, colleagues, and this relationship? Being socially healthy can help remove insecurities and trust issues.


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