10 Signs your relationship failing if you’re not careful you’ll be heartbroken

10 Signs your relationship failing if you’re not careful you’ll be heartbroken

You both fight all the time. Even the slightest issue has the possibility of converting into a major fight.

You are committing emotional infidelity. This means, you are already thinking about cheating your partner or have someone else in your head.

Intimacy has lessened between you two. Neither of you show interest in being intimate with each other. The relationship has lost the charm and spark of physical closeness.

There is a lack of trust. You both already find each other in a situation where trust is lost.

You or your partner has found some other confidante. If you or your partner have begun confiding your issues to someone else rather than each other, it is a great threat to the relationship.

You both show no interest in spending time together. You both would choose to do your personal stuff rather than spending quality time together.

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There’s jealousy in the relationship. Jealousy is not a positive sign and if the relationship is filled with jealousy, it will ensue fights and later lead to a downfall.

You both disregard each other in little ways. For example, they criticize you or don’t help you with a chore despite you are heavily burdened, etc.

You both don’t include each other in your future. Gradually, your future picture does not have them.

You or your partner is always busy. Now, you both are not as available for each other as you both used to be.

If your relationships haven’t been especially successful, you have to look at what might be causing them to fail.

Define your relationship before starting it up. Make your partner realize what the relationship is all about. Whether it will end up in marriage or not.

Embrace changes in the relationship by knowing that change does not necessarily mean trouble. Having an open mindset and being willing to adapt to change is the key.

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Be honest with each other. Sit down and address the problem face to face without escalating the issue.

Stop being overwhelmed by the picture of happy couples. Every relationship has problems and couples usually know how to deal with them. Grass might look greener on the other side but once you water the ones on your side, they’d be as green too.


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