How to make your man happy through text messages or chatting

How to make your man happy through text messages or chatting

1. Text him a simple but sweet good morning message. The simplest and most obvious first step to getting your boyfriend happy over text is to send him a sweet good morning message.

It might seem silly but it’s actually the perfect place to start. The key here is keeping things short, simple, and sweet. This may be something you do every day; you’re up before he is, so why not cheer him up with a little good morning text?
Here’s an example:
“Just wanted to let you know that I’m thinking of you! Hope you have a great day!”

2. Point out all the cute and funny things your boyfriend does that you find endearing. It will reassure him that you understand how to make him happy over text and in person. If he regularly does some adorable things, point them out from time to time and with texts as you would in person.

Tell your boyfriend that it makes you smile thinking about those actions, or show them off whenever they occur again in front of your boyfriend.

3. Remind your boyfriend how much he means to you. It’s easy to fall into the habit of texting your boyfriend and taking him for granted. One good way to remind him that you still care is by sending text messages with love quotes or ones about how much he means as a person and a partner.

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You can also tell your boyfriend that he makes you happy, either through words on the screen or in person. This will let him know that even though things may be lacking in other areas, he can make his girlfriend feel loved and secure through such action. “You mean so much to me.” Or “I love being with you!”

4. Compliment his accomplishments or remind Him of what makes him happy.
Surely if you’ve been together for any length of time, you both have things either one of you has accomplished or enjoy doing that the other doesn’t mind at all that they do or like those things as well. Here’s an example:
“I’m proud of you for working so hard! I know how much that meant to you.”

5. Pick a favorite song and sing it to him. Singing a happy little tune over text is a simple way to make your boyfriend feel good; it also gets him in the mood to hear you sing the song he loves. Of course, this action may become a regular occurrence for both of you if it makes him happy, and that’s okay.
Maybe he’s having a bad day, but then you share this with him, and it brings his mood up instantly. It can be cute if performed right.

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6. Tell him what you miss about him. Even if it seems silly, he’ll appreciate the reminder of how much you love spending time with each other and that you take every chance to be with him. Here’s an example: “I can’t wait for the weekend! I miss being able to cuddle with you.”

7. Share a quote from your favorite movie or book together. What are some happy quotes from movies or books? This is a fun, easy way to show your boyfriend that even though he may not be right next to you, this moment counts just as much in your mind as being there in person.

8. Reminisce on good old memories of doing funny things together. This will also give your boyfriend a good laugh and remind him of how much fun the two of you used to have. Here’s an example:
“Remember that time we were lost in the woods? That was fun!”

9. Share something small about yourself, but only if it’s positive. Maybe you accomplished something recently at work or are planning on doing something exciting next weekend. This can be as simple as “I did really well at my presentation today.” Or “I had so much fun tonight; I’m glad we went out!”

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10. Just say, “I Love You”. This is one of the easiest, simplest ways of letting someone know that they are special. By simply letting them know how important they are to you will surely make their day 100 percent better! Here’s an example:
“Haven’t told you this yet today, but I love being with you!”

11. Just be honest with what you’re feeling. Even though your boyfriend should know by now most of the time anyway or have some idea of what’s going on in your mind and heart, being honest with each other when it comes to emotions is one great way to show that connection even while not in the same room.

12. Don’t over text or get too crazy if he doesn’t respond immediately. Respect that other people may be around or he might be busy. He will try to reach out as soon as possible, so just wait patiently for his response.


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