5 Reasons why guys has been dumping you for no reason

5 Reasons why guys has been dumping you for no reason


1. Morning Dear, hope you had a wonderful night. How are you today? Wake up and get ready for work. Don’t forget to send your application for the job I told you about yesterday.

2. Yes Darling, I miss you so much, I hope you are enjoying your day, I am heading out for lunch. Talk later. Take care of yourself. Love you!

3. Yes dear I am at the shop doing grocery for the house, next time I am coming with you.

4. Don’t put yourself under pressure my love, I know you will achieve your goal. You have my full support.

5. Don’t forget to say your prayers by 9am, 12noon and 3pm. Remember our strength is in God. Call me when you are ready for the prayers so we pray together online.
6. Hello dear, are you back from work. How was your day. Hope it was not stressful?
7. Good evening dear, i just wanted to call to find out how your weekend is going.

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There are days you need to act towards your partner, it take a lot to get him next relationship to next level. Those examples above, there are many things to do in a relationship, don’t hold back in doing anything for who you love and the person loves you back.


1. Morning babe, send me some airtime,
please bae.

2. Hello sweet, I am coming over for some
pizza over lunch? And someone is selling nice perfumes can I take one please. Love you xoxoxo much.

3. Hey handsome, buy me data please. Also wanted to tell you my neighbor is selling skinny jeans, nice shoes from USA and Brazilian hair. You will let me know when you are ready to get me these. Loving you lots.

4. My friends are doing their birthdays this weekend at Life power at cubana this Friday, We must attend all. Cancel all your appointments.

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5. Baby, I don’t feel like talking , can we chat please.

A reasonable guy will marry a lady that is an asset to him and not a liability. Guys are not stupid.

So, if you are wondering why guys are dumping you, please check yourself, You might be the reasons for your own misfortune.

As I said guys are not stupid as you think, when come to marriage they know what they want, the question ” Are you what he want, do you have what he want? No man want nonsense when come to marriage, they can take any nonsense from you in dating but once he start thinking about marriage weather you fit in, you may get dumped.

Please check yourself, you might be the reasons for your misfortune. Change whatever you need to change in fit in.


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