7 Things you should not tell your boyfriend if you want your relationship to last long

7 Things you should not tell your boyfriend if you want your relationship to last long

Indeed, there shouldn’t be secrets between two lovers. But there’s a tiny exception to this rule. Being in love with someone means that you can confide some vital information to the person but that doesn’t mean it has to be every detail of your life.

Below are a few things you shouldn’t let your boyfriend

1. Never let him know you dislike or despise his ex-girlfriend/ex-girlfriend: If you were offended by your previous boyfriend, and you still harbor grudges against him, do not let your boyfriend know how much you despise him. If continually bring out issues about how your ex treated you, your new boyfriend may end up being terrified and if things end up roughly between you two, he will end up on your hate list.

2. Never tell your sweetheart about your attractive friends: Some of your females may be ‘hot,’ sexy, and endowed, and some ladies indeed derive pleasure bragging to the boyfriends about it, which is not good. Although, this does not necessarily mean that you genuinely love the new appearance; rather, it dispatches an oblique message to check them out every so often.

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3. Don’t tell him how unstable your life was before he approached you: Telling a man how messy your life was before he came into it would be disastrous at the latter end. You may engage in a little argument, and he may decide to use that against you. This can also make him develop some negative thoughts towards you. For instance, if you tell him you had a series of abortions, he may end up thinking you won’t be able to bear children. If he is a player or bad guy, he might just consider using you, which may even leave him more heartbroken.

4. If you are still a virgin, don’t tell him you are keeping it for your future husband: Truth be told, telling a man that you are still a virgin may quench his taste and cause him to discontinue the relationship. If he discovers that you are still a virgin without you telling him, don’t tell him you are not ready to lose it until he is married to you. The first thing you have to do is to get to know him better, be his friend, and behave maturely whenever you are with him. This act will make him respect you and your decisions. It will surprise you to find out that he respects your choices.

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5. Never tell him how romantic your ex was while you are having fun: While having a pleasant time with your boyfriend, never tell him of how bad your ex was because he may think that you are going to leave him for another guy if he doesn’t meet your expectations. Furthermore, another reason why you shouldn’t tell him is that he might misquote you as one of those who only date for fun, and he may assume you want to do the same with him.

6. Be careful how you’re going to tell him he’s not good on bed or not satisfying you.
You may end up complicating things for yourself, be careful how you’re going to say it.

7. Never let him know you don’t trust him, if you don’t him, keep to yourself and roll with caution, never tell him, just be careful.


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