9 Reasons why your last relationship didn’t work out, Read this

9 Reasons why your last relationship didn’t work out, Read this

1. You got off to a fast start. A fire that burns too hot will burn out quickly, and the same is true for a romance that is on speed dial. If you both jumped headfirst into a heavy and heated relationship without even thinking about it, you may have set yourself up for failure. True connection cannot be built in an instant; a good relationship takes time to develop.

2. Communication skills are lacking. Every party in a relationship should work on their communication skills. Understanding is a difficult gift to bestow. Trust is not easily repaired. Similarly, you can’t crumple and uncrumple a piece of paper and expect it to be the same. Perhaps one of you couldn’t understand the other, particularly when the other needed you the most. It had to have been an argument that broke the camel’s back and ended your previous relationship for good. Maybe that argument was just a misunderstanding that could have been resolved if the other party had remained silent and listened intently.

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3. Jealousy. Jealousy has been the death of so many relationships in the past. No relationship can work out when partners or one partner is a jealous being. Jealousy kills trust.

4. You approached your relationship as a ‘relationship’ rather than a marriage. That is why you or your partner decided to cheat on each other. You were too impatient to leave the relationship before having extramarital affairs. That is why your previous relationship failed.

5. You didn’t put in extra efforts. When she agreed to date you, you thought the struggle was over and failed to apply pressure. You got the woman you wanted, but you failed to treat her like a ‘woman’. You didn’t make her feel special. You made her to continue to admire internet relationships when she was currently in a relationship. You didn’t apply pressure. You didn’t put in extra efforts.

6. You didn’t know the real person you were dating. Funny right? You can date someone but know virtually nothing about them. Beauty is not the only criteria for dating. Neither is finances. Other factors like health issues, likes and dislikes, and a bunch of other stuffs are considered. Maybe you have not met her at her angriest. Maybe you have not seen him at his maddest. And you felt it was okay to date him because he is cute and rich.

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It typically takes about six months for a person to let their guard down and take off the mask of social charm. Only then will you see the real person hidden beneath it. After it’s off, the character flaws and personality quirks show up, and the true nature of your partner makes its appearance. At that point, it’s time for you to decide if you want to stick it out or move on.

7. You didn’t realize your partner had baggage. Once you start dating someone new, you might find skeletons hiding in the closet that will haunt you throughout your relationship. These are the ghosts of unresolved emotional baggage ( i.e. a traumatic past relationship, childhood issues) that stick around. Seriously consider your limits and decide whether or not this relationship is one you can carry on.

8. You expected too much. What can I say. You probably expected your girlfriend to carry out wife duties under the title of a ‘girlfriend’. You were in your own bubble, and expected your partner to do things that you imagined in your head. When we expect too much from a relationship, it turns out to be a failure. Why not just go with a flow?

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9. You lost the romance. Last but not the least. The romance!. Your partner was so romantic in the beginning they hosted candlelit dinners and brought you chocolates when you were sick but now their idea of romance is spending the evening on the couch with the remote in hand. Oh, and they want to order pizza so they don’t have to stand up. You get the picture. The romance flew out the door, along with your relationship.


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