10 Things that happens when a girl truly love you

10 Things that happens when a girl truly love you

Many girls are complicated but many are good and loving, most importantly bro find a good woman who loves and understand you. Two things can make relationship work – understanding and knowing your partner love language, when you don’t understand someone’s love language and you don’t know how they think or feel or how they want to be loved, you can’t able to love them how they wanted to be loved which totally a problem.

Women are not as complex as they seem, if you would pay attention, you would have a clue on the true nature of a woman, that’s why we are adviced in the scripture to “treat her according to knowledge” you need to learn about her so as to treat her right.

Does your woman make you feel loved?
Are you are still experimenting?

When a woman loves, she loves wholly, she goes out of her way to make you smile.

She is always willing to make sacrifices for the one she loves, especially when she believes that you love her too.

She accepts you the way you are, this doesn’t mean she’ll tolerate bad habits that could harm you.

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She opens up her past to you without fear because she trust and believe in you, she becomes vulnerable with you.

She is supportive and will always encourage you to live your dreams.

When a girl loves you, She really means more than you understand. Even a broke boyfriend feels rich when he has a girl who truly loves him “A girl who loves you would never feel comfortable to ask you for money”

She stays with you through thick and thin because she has a conviction that makes her believe in you.

She respects you and your loved ones, making you her priority.

She appreciates everything you do for her, however little, she makes you feel special.

She is concerned about you. When a lady cares about you, she worries about your safety and well-being. When you get harmed or have troubles, she will be concerned. She’d also want to be around you when you’re in the most desperate need.

She is concerned about your personal life. If a girl prioritizes the things that really matter to you, you can determine if she loves you. She will recall significant occasions in your life, such as your birthday. She will make it her mission to recall significant occasions in your life and to be familiar with your hobbies and interests.

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She is always willing to make time for you. In a world when so much vies for our attention, it’s evident how she feels if she always seems to have time for you. Don’t assume she’ll always be available to talk or spend time with you. Everyone has commitments and obligations, but if she constantly finds time for you, it’s because she chooses to do so. That is not something to be taken lightly.

She despises being separated from you for long periods of time. If you haven’t spoken to her in a long time and she appears frustrated or irritated, that says a lot. It says she missed you a lot and that it’s difficult for her to go on with her life without you. This is a clear indication that she adores you.

However, when you find that lady who treats you like a king, kindly reciprocate, treat her right and make her your queen, do not make her cry.
Women are created to love, sometimes can do anything for love, they can sacrificed what couldn’t believe they will sacrifice for, that’s a woman in love for you.

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Don’t ever hurt someone you love so much in this world if you don’t want him or her to change. When you hurt that person, he/she will be heartbroken but after sometime, he or she will mend his/her heart again and move on with experience that they gained from what you led them into.
And when that person is gone that’s when you will realize how precious he or she was to your life and what they meant to you. You will cry, plead and ask for forgiveness from that person but it will be meaningless at that time.
Meaning; if you are lucky enough that God blessed you with someone who cares about you and loves you the way you are, value his or her love. Don’t bring pain to him or her because it will make them change and you will regret in the end.


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