20 Ways to know you and your partner are compatible, your relationship will last forever

20 Ways to know you and your partner are compatible, your relationship will last forever

Compatible partners do not seek ways to change the personality of their partner. They like their partner the way they are. If any flaws or weaknesses are found in their partner, they create an enabling atmosphere for their partner to address it personally, rather than influence or compel their partner to change against their will.

A compatible partner doesn’t involve a third party in the issues about their relationship, except when it becomes imperative to involve one. The third-party must be a professional who is knowledgeable in handling disputes between spouses or partners.

Most successful relationships result from the willingness of the partners to grow together morally, financially, and otherwise. A partner who is unwilling to grow with their partner is not one of the signs of compatibility.

1. You don’t question the love in your relationship. You know you love your partner, and you know they love you and there is no doubt in your mind about either of these things. You are secure and happy in your relationship, and even if you are a worrier by nature, you never question how your partner feels about you.

2. You know things about each other no-one else does. From your embarrassing stories to intimate details about your life, sharing secrets can show how compatible you and your partner really are. Honesty is important in a relationship, but actually wishing to tell them secrets shows your partner that you are truly invested in the relationship.

3. You don’t want to change them. You respect your partner as an individual, and you don’t want to try to change them. Sure, they may talk in their sleep or dress in a way you don’t like, but you love them, and you can deal with it. If you want to change your partner’s personality or appearance, it could mean you and your partner aren’t compatible.

4. You enjoy spending time apart. When you start a great relationship, it can be hard to step away and spend some time alone. If you and your partner hope to be in a long term relationship, however, it is essential that you also enjoy spending time away from your partner. During such time you can see friends and family, or pursue interests of your own. If you love yoga and your partner hates it, try to take a class in your spare time.

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5. You share common interests. While it is important to have your own hobbies and interests, compatible partners make the effort to spend time together doing things they both enjoy. Having common ground with a partner helps in long term relationships from supporting the same team, to cooking together, to sharing a love of the same TV show.

6. You fight with each other. And you’re not afraid of it! If you tell your partner you disagree with them, they should listen to you and take you seriously. If they still don’t agree with you, that’s totally fine because it’s just a disagreement, and it won’t change the way you feel about each other.

7. You want to work out serious problems.
Often big issues can be raised in long term relationships, including money, religion, or where you both live. Most issues like these can be solved if the partners are compatible and are willing to compromise. It is important to work together until you reach a decision you’re both happy with and for both people to be happy, it is likely that both have to compromise.

8. Your partner makes you want to be a better person. Although this sounds like a cliché, compatible couples keep pushing each other forward. Whether you are learning how to cook a new dish, or getting a promotion at work, your partner should always have your back and support you, and vice versa.

9. You can both imagine a future together
While you don’t need to be picking out wedding invites, it is always useful to be on the same page as your partner. Having different interests isn’t a problem; your partner could love travelling and you could aspire to get married and have children, and you can do both. But if your partner doesn’t want to talk about a future together, it might be that you have different expectations from the relationship.

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10. You can be yourself around your partner. If you and your partner are compatible, you should be able to truly be yourself whenever you are around them. Whether you feel happy, hyper, sad or angry, you should be able to comfortably express these emotions to your partner, without worrying about the consequences.

11. You’re attracted to each other. While sex obviously isn’t everything, it’s important to be physically intimate with your partner. From holding hands to kissing, compatible couples regularly show each other affection. In other words, there should be a spark, even if it is small.

12. You try to get along with each other’s families. If you genuinely love your partner’s family, that’s a great sign. Being in love with someone doesn’t always have to mean you love their family, though.
And it’s fine if you don’t but it isn’t fine if you don’t even try. Most people come with a family, and if your partner is going to be in your life for a long time, their family probably will be too.

13. You keep your relationship fresh. Everyone in the world is ageing, but that doesn’t mean their relationships have to age, too. Often work, having children and other responsibilities can side-line your relationship. These responsibilities are important and shouldn’t be neglected, but put aside some time to focus on your partner. Your relationship should always feel important.

14. You make the effort. Whether you and your partner have been together for 9 months or 9 years, it is always important to make an effort, from cooking classes to a kiss at the end of the day. After a long time together it can feel like these things are no longer necessary, but this could leave your partner unhappy.
Compatible couples often go the extra mile as it shows their partner they care, and can help to make them feel appreciated.

15. Your friends and family know them well. If you’re in a great relationship, you should be excited to show your partner off around your friends and family. It also shows they are actively involved in your life, which is a great sign for a happy relationship. If the people you are close to haven’t met your partner, ask yourself who’s to blame for this; your partner, you, or the people you are close to?

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16. ​Both of you are willing to accept each other’s flaws. It is easy to love a person for his or her good qualities. But a couple is truly compatible if they know each other’s weaknesses and flaws and accept these without any qualms. Their relationship will grow stronger because they know how to help each other in their moments of weakness and that is what makes a partner compatible with the other.

17. ​Fights and arguments don’t make you weak. Arguments between partners help them test the relationship on many levels. But a lot depends on how you handle arguments and fights. Does it end on a bitter note leaving both the partners hurt? Or does the disagreements help you know your partner better? If you have replied affirmatively to the second question, you have found a compatible partner.

18. You both have unique identities. True love allows each partner to retain their individuality. If you are in a relationship that gives you the freedom to be independent and unique, you share a happy bond with your partner. When you respect each other’s individuality, it strengthens your relationship further.

19. ​You are looking forward to growing old together. There is nothing as a sweet as young love and when both the partners are crazy about each other. With time, that heady love mellows down and you gradually learn to adapt to changes because everyone (including your partner) change as they grow. Compatible partners do not resist these changes, be it in the person or the relationship, and look forward to growing old together.

20. Make sure you are in a relationship that makes you happy and lifts you up by making you a better person. That’s what matters.


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